As Mobokey is a complete solution for car sharing and rental companies, we are always in communication with our existing clients. One question that we were asked was “What to do when the renter forgets the phone inside the car and car locks?”

This indeed is a rare occurrence, but we thought it should be addressed. The solution is simple.

1: The renter will have to call the owner in case the phone is inside the car and car locks.

2: Renter will have to borrow the phone from someone else from some time. Download the Mobokey app.

3: The owner will then edit the rent expire time to the next minute.

4: Once the timer is set, the car will automatically disconnect from the phone after 10 minutes.

5: Renter will have to log in to another phone and ask the owner to set the time again.

6: Renter will connect with the car and unlock.

7: Return the phone and use Mobokey on your phone.

It is recommended to logout from the borrowed phone.

Why does the car locks when the phone is inside?

One of the reasons is that the device started showing low signals hence locking the car because of proximity.

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