To use MoboKey to its full capacity, there are a few things that you should know. MoboKey is the ultimate device that allows access, security, and car-sharing. This device allows users to control their cars with a smartphone app. To enjoy all the features, you should go through this ultimate guide.

A complete walkthrough of how to install MoboKey, and how to access and share your car.

Phone settings: 

You need to set a few things in the phone settings.

Bluetooth settings:

Bluetooth is a sensitive protocol. This is why it is recommended not to connect and disconnect repeatedly. Moreover, do not turn off the smartphone while driving. Do not kill/restart the app while driving. Similarly, do not turn on and off Bluetooth.

Location access:

For Bluetooth to work properly, you need to activate the GPS of the smartphone. Location access also allows you to track your car when it is shared.

Battery Optimization:

You need to remove the MoboKey app from battery optimization. Background operations are an important aspect of MoboKey. Do not limit MoboKey’s battery operations.


Make sure you have an active internet connection while connecting the device to the app for the first time.

Device settings:

Some settings for the device are following

Antenna placement:

Place the antenna in the right position to avoid proximity failure. The right place for the antenna is when you are getting maximum signals while sitting in the car.


Adjust the proximity settings accordingly before driving the car. If the car stops or flashes indicators while driving do not use proximity or auto security.

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Mobokey Bluetooth-based car-sharing
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