Mobokey is the world’s first Bluetooth-based car-sharing platform. Peer-to-peer car sharing via a platform is not, just a trend but it is here to stay. It is the farsightedness of our founders that they developed an app that not only allows access to the car with a smartphone app but also “a complete platform”. This platform became the world’s first Bluetooth-based car-sharing platform namely, Mobokey.

The use of Bluetooth has more advantages than using any other way of communication. Other car-sharing companies that followed the trend have switched or are going to switch to Bluetooth.

Why does Mobokey use Bluetooth?

1- Safe and secure

It is a misconception that Bluetooth is easily hackable. It used to be in the ’90s when the technology was being used by kids to share the music. But now this technology has taken a new turn becoming the safest way of transferring information in a short distance. We have seen great advancements that have resulted in increased with the advent of Bluetooth 4.

2- No online access for remote attacks

With MoboKey’s Bluetooth based car-sharing no access related to the car is shared on the internet for anyone to use. This is why we are using Bluetooth because we care about our customers’ information and property. All of this with a simple Bluetooth based car-sharing platform. A simple system that allows the fleet and single users to earn money with ease.

3- Multiple key protection

Mobokey makes sure that no one access or tries to access the information of our users. This is why we have multi-layered protection. First is the login and password, then comes the master key and then the regular key. In order to access the car, you need to know all the information.

4- Peer-to-peer car-sharing

Mobokey is especially great when it comes to personal vehicles are in excess capacity. Studies show that cars sit idle for 95% of the time; if someone other than the car owner can access the car during these idle times, the car can earn money for the owner, and some individuals can have access to a vehicle to get around.

5- World’s first Bluetooth Based Car Sharing Platform

If you are looking for a smart car key that can do more than just lock and unlock your doors, you might want to check out MoboKey Smart Key Connect. This device once installed in your car, connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and allows you to control various functions of your car remotely.

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