29 07, 2020

Cost-effectiveness of MoboKey keyless solution

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One of MoboKey's keyless solution advantages is cost-effectiveness. Our solution starts from as low as $75 which allows you to access, secure, and share your car using a smartphone app. How cost-effective is MoboKey keyless solution? Remote Starter MoboKey allows the user to start the car with the smartphone app. One of the most used features of MoboKey is remote lock/unlock. Once the device is installed in your car, the car unlocks when you move towards the locking zone. And when you move away from the car, it locks the ........

27 07, 2020

5 facts you should know about car sharing

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Car sharing (also known as person-to-person carsharing) is the process whereby existing car owners make their vehicles available for others to rent for short periods. Car sharing is a form of person-to-person lending or collaborative consumption, as part of the sharing economy. The following are the 5 interesting facts you need to know about car sharing. Increase in corporate car sharing The meaning of Corporate Car Sharing is simple and straightforward: placing a dedicated fleet of vehicles at company premises for the shared use among its employees. Corporate Car Sharing allows companies to ........

24 07, 2020

Car Sharing in Asian Market

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The car-sharing platforms have seen an increasing trend in the Asian Markets over the past few years. With more than half of the world’s population, the Asian market can be the next big thing for car-sharing platforms.  The first Car Sharing program in Asia started in Singapore, in 1997. Even though this program only covered a few localities and areas, it was a marginal success. Singapore was one of the very few countries which looked at car sharing as a means of transportation. Later on, Japan also started the car-sharing ........

15 07, 2020

Why car hire companies are looking for keyless solutions?

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The demand for a keyless solution is increasing by the day. With the large fleet of cars, it has become difficult for fleet owners to manage car keys. With Keyless solutions like MoboKey, the smartphone will act as a car key. Keyless solutions have been in the market for a long time, but with MoboKey, we are completely replacing the car keys and putting them into your smartphone app, making sure that you do not have to carry the car keys anymore. How car hire companies use MoboKey's keyless solution? ........

8 07, 2020

How Immobilizer bypass works with MoboKey?

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With MoboKey you can start your car remotely with the smartphone app. Immobilizer bypass along with the Mobokey device is required for high-end vehicles. Why use the Immobilizer bypass module? An immobilizer bypass module allows the user to start their car remotely. The cars after 1998 cannot start remotely if the immobilizer module is not in place, so for any remote starter to work, they must be set up in such a way to ensure the key is in the ignition, that’s the concept of bypass module. Whether they’re called an ignition ........

6 07, 2020

What is car sharing and how does it work with MoboKey

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Car Sharing is a model for car rental companies and individuals to share their cars. The cars can be shared depending upon the requirement of the rentee. Mobokey is the world's first Bluetooth based car-sharing platform. Mobokey car-sharing works to enable peer-to-peer car sharing. How car sharing works with MoboKey MoboKey car-sharing platform allows you to share your car with anyone you want and earn money. Just park your car and send a digital key and car location to anyone you choose to share your car. Business owners like rental ........

1 07, 2020

How the world is moving towards smart system for cars.

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With the recent announcement of Apple’s Car key for BMW 5 Series, the concept of people carrying physical keys will change all along. We at MoboKey have been doing this for years by providing a keyless solution to our customers. Your Smartphone is your car key. We have seen the world advance from simple keys to immobilizers and later to remote start systems. These systems have revolutionized the way we look at cars. With the ever-growing development in the automotive industry, more companies are moving towards the smart systems i.e. ........

29 06, 2020

4 ways MoboKey is better than Apple’s car key

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Mobokey is one step ahead of Apple's car key. With Apple's car key only applicable for BMW Series currently, we have been providing the keyless solution for  95% of the cars available in the market.  There are a few ways where MoboKey is better than Apple's car key. Some are listed here. Compatibility Apple's car key feature will only be available in the 2021 BMW 5 series. Moreover, it is only available for iPhone users with U1 chips. It is basically a stunt to drive the sales up for iPhone ........

26 06, 2020

Why is smartphone going to replace the car keys

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The highlight of this week's WWDC was Apple CarKey, where the smartphone is going to replace the car keys completely. With MoboKey along with the keyless solution, you can also start/stop and share your car with anyone you want.  In Alan Lau's words, In recent years, the traditional car key has been in transition; first, from a physical key to a fob that sends a signal allowing pushbutton starting and door locking; next up, the key will go away altogether, replaced by a device every human carries—whether they own a ........

24 06, 2020

How COVID-19 have affected the buying power of people?

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COVID-19 has changed our lives, including the buying power of people. The automobile sector has been hit severely by this pandemic. People who cannot afford to buy a new can use a shared car. With MoboKey, you can share, access car from your smartphone.  COVID-19 affected the buying power of people The Pandemic has severe effects on the overall business worldwide. It has affected the buying power of the people where the spending has decreased by 30%-50% in all the industries. This would result in the complete decimation of many ........