13 07, 2021

Smartphone to replace the car keys

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No matter how cool your car keys look, keyless entry and remote starters are the future. Imagine being able to lock, unlock, start, stop, and secure your car with a smartphone app without any hassle of carrying car keys along. The highlight of the last WWDC was Apple CarKey, where the smartphone is going to replace the car keys completely.  Remote access to cars is the future of the automotive industry. Leading car companies like Tesla are now providing remote car access. Other companies have also followed the trend as ........

6 07, 2021

Keyport’s Omnifob and MoboKey Car Access

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Keyport Omnifob is one of the partners of MoboKey. Keyport partnered with MoboKey to you provide remote car access with Omnifob. What is OmniFob™ OmniFob by Keyport enables you to control your MoboKey enabled car with the simple click of a button on the ultimate smart key fob. OmniFob will be able to control multiple vehicles so long as each has a MoboKey installed. The most interesting part is that Omnifob is the size of your index finger. OmniFob is not just for vehicles. OmniFob is a single remote for ........

6 07, 2021

Contactless carsharing and Turo Hosts

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Contactless carsharing is becoming a norm in a post covid era. Rental car companies and Turo hosts have suffered the most, but MoboKey has helped them to enable contactless carsharing.  As the name suggests, contactless car sharing makes sure that the owner and renter do not have to meet in order to share or rent a car. This type of sharing is to facilitate Turo hosts, carsharing and rental companies. Contactless carsharing makes sure that we avoid touching unnecessary objects like keys and minimize social gatherings. With the 3rd Layer ........

18 06, 2021

Evolution of car security systems

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As cars became more accessible people began to leave them unoccupied and vulnerable to thieves. Thus, the need to keep them safe and theft-proof increased. The first recorded car theft took place in Paris, France, in 1896 when a mechanic stole a Peugeot from Baron de Zuylen, founder of the Automobile Club of France. Therefore car security systems have been in place ever since and it has been evolving since then. Whether you have a bold new car or an old modest car, you can not deny the importance of ........

15 06, 2021

Remote car access

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There are a lot of remote car starters that are available in the market. Remote car access allows you to remotely access the car, without the intervention of car keys. MoboKey remote car access is a similar remote starter but it has a lot to offer than any other system. MoboKey remote car access Proximity Access and remote car access Mobokey is one of the very few remote starters that allow proximity access to a car. It recognizes the phone and automatically connects with it. We do not even allow ........

4 06, 2021

Turo hosts and MoboKey carsharing

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The most annoying thing with Turo is definitely meeting the customer in person and giving them the physical car key. This is why Turo introduced Turo Go. Even though Turo Go is available in the US, Canada, and the UK. But the access to the Turo Go app is limited. This is why Turo hosts sort to other more reliable options like MoboKey. Turo hosts and MoboKey carsharing are going hand in hand for quite a while now. This is one of the use cases which was suggested and implemented ........

21 05, 2021

Smartphone remote starter

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Smartphone remote starters are the current trend for the automotive industry. Leading car companies like Tesla and BMW smart start are now providing smartphone remote starters. Other companies have also followed the trend as well. Their system allows the users to lock/unlock, start/stop, and share their car with a smartphone app. Why do we need a smartphone remote starter? The reason to move towards a smartphone remote starter is simple. Ease, accessibility and trend. Mobokey is redefining car access by allowing remote lock/unlock and also a smartphone remote starter. The ........

7 05, 2021

MoboKey as an alternative for the modern security system

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The present car alarm systems are still of no match to the well-equipped thieves. It is just a matter of seconds to break through the system. The mobile-controlled car security provides effective two-way communications between the alarm system and the car owner. But they have their barriers as well. This is where MoboKey comes as it is a fine contender. It can be called a modern alternative security system. Let's discuss in detail how have modern security systems failed? And how MoboKey is a better alternative to these systems. According ........

4 05, 2021

How can you use a car to increase your passive income with MoboKey?

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Who doesn't want to make some extra cash? Why not use your car to increase your income. With peer-to-peer carsharing and tons of carsharing programs, it has become so easy to get a passive income from your car. But how will you share your car when you are not near? Where will the car key be? How will you share the key? All these problems have one simple solution. MoboKey. If you’re a car owner and have been wondering how to generate some additional income, sharing your car through a ........

16 04, 2021

Contactless Carsharing: the new normal in COVID-19

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With Covid-19, contactless carsharing is becoming the new normal. Contactless carsharing is now being opted by not only large but medium scale carsharing companies too. MoboKey has been offering contactless carsharing for over 3 years now. Initially the idea was to create an ease for you but now it has become essential as we are trying to limit the person to person interaction. For most of the carsharing companies, they depend upon the renters and customers to meet and share the car keys but with MoboKey, we enable digital key ........