11 02, 2021

What do the top studies on car sharing suggest about its future?

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We see a change from private mobility and ownership to service use. As there is a growth of car-sharing services as a new and more sustainable way of transportation. With the emerging importance of this type of mobility, a large number of papers are present in the scientific literature. Extensive analyses classify the research and determine the mainstream. Car Sharing Definitions Roundtrip car sharing: Allows members hourly access to a vehicle from a dedicated location. After the trip is over the car is returned to that same location. One-way station-based: ........

29 01, 2021

Can you unlock your car with a smartphone app

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Can you unlock your car with a smartphone app? Yes, it is possible for you to unlock your car with a smartphone app. How to unlock your car with a smartphone app? Now we know that you can unlock your car with a smartphone app, the question arises, HOW? The answer is MoboKey. MoboKey is the smartphone app that is transforming the access, security, and sharing of cars using Bluetooth Smart, giving unlimited features of use to the driver. But the MoboKey app alone will not be of any use at ........

21 01, 2021

How is MoboKey reforming car security

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Stealing a car has become very easy after the advent of the signal repeater. A thief has to replicate the car key using a signal repeater and the car is his. Owners of cars with keyless start systems have learned to worry about so-called relay attacks. A hacker exploits radio-enabled keys to steal vehicles without leaving a trace. It turns out that many millions of other cars that use chip-enabled mechanical keys are also vulnerable to high-tech theft. A few cryptographic flaws combined with a little old-fashioned hot-wiring—or even a ........

16 01, 2021

Share, buy or lease a car: What does future hold for automakers.

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Caitlin Harrington, a researcher at Wired recently published an article. She cites an interesting glimpse of what does the future hold for automakers. Since the advent of car-sharing, the rise in the sales of vehicles has stopped. Millennials have shown great interest in renting vehicles. Hence, making companies like Turo and Zipcar extremely popular. This phenomenon of increased interest in sharing the vehicle has not gone unnoticed by the thinktanks of auto manufacturers. Therefore, they have also changed their approach, they have started to invest in car-sharing companies and other ........

8 01, 2021

Why have the car sales and sharing improved during the pandemic

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During the last quarter of 2020, despite the pandemic, car sales and sharing improved significantly. Most of the countries including the USA, Australia, and the UK were still battling the pandemic. But still, we saw an interesting turn of events with the increase in car sales and sharing trends. The Guardian shared an interesting take on this phenomenon, citing it as a "boom as pandemic upends transportation". COVID-19 lockdowns and an increase in working from home worldwide have limited the need to own private vehicles. It will cause more consumers ........

28 12, 2020

Enjoy a Flat 10% OFF on all MoboKey products this new year

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Even though 2020 was not the best year with COVID lurking over our heads. Times are weird and everyone has been affected in one way or another. But why fixate on what we have already endured and focus on what's coming. Let's welcome 2021 with panache, and with the confidence to strive for a better future. This is why, to cheer you up, we are offering everyone a gift. We offer you a flat 10% off on all MoboKey products this new year. Use the coupon code: HNY10 to enjoy ........

18 12, 2020

How MoboKey can be useful in winter season

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While no one cherishes the idea of rolling out of bed in winter and climbing into a freezing cold car. There are some steps that you can take to making your morning commute a little nicer. Installing a MoboKey remote starter for your car can benefit your comfort and your car's health. MoboKey can be very useful in the winter season. How is MoboKey Remote Starter useful in winter Keeping Warm in the winter season The most noticeable benefit of using a remote car starter is the feeling of a ........

9 12, 2020

Why is MoboKey the best gift for Christmas

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It is difficult to select the best gift for your loved ones. There are a lot of things that you have to think about while deciding on a Christmas gift. A perfect present needs to check a lot of boxes. It should be practical, it should not lose its value, it should make life easier. Why is MoboKey the best gift for Christmas A perfect gift for auto enthusiasts If you are looking for a fun or functional gift for the car lover in your life, but don't know where ........

3 12, 2020

Add car sharing to your car rental business

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An interesting proposition that has been circulating in the past few months is adding car-sharing into your textbook car rental business. The idea in the discussion has proven quite lucrative if implemented properly. Businesses are always looking to increase the streams of revenue. Whether it is a car rental business or a mobility startup, everyone's goal is to increase their revenues. Adding car sharing in a mid-sized car rental company If you are running a mid-sized car rental company you know that most of the cars have the highest utilization ........

26 11, 2020

How has the automotive aftermarket industry evolved over the years

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Whether you have a bold new car or an old modest car, you can not deny the importance of the aftermarket parts. From a car security system to a remote starter or an OBD module, the aftermarket industry is fulfilling the needs of the customers for years. This is the reason, the size of aftermarket parts has rightly swollen to 378.9Billion USD. The aftermarket industry has evolved a great deal over the years and is exploring new avenues. Factors responsible for the automotive industry's evolution An interesting study published by ........