8 06, 2020

How car security system developed over the years?

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Security is a major concern when it comes to cars. We need to secure our cars all the time. MoboKey makes sure that your car is secure all the time. It is undoubtedly a result of development in car security systems over the years. Mobokey's car security system has also changed over the years. Let's discuss the history in detail. Locks Some of the first car security systems were only affordable by the wealthiest of drivers. Drivers were paid to stay with the car at all times in the olden ........

5 06, 2020

How car sharing companies are dealing with COVID-19?

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According to report on how car sharing companies are dealing with COVID-19, one line struck the most: Post-COVID-19, the global ride sharing market size is estimated to be USD 75.39 billion in 2020 and projected to reach USD 117.34 billion by 2021, at a Y-O-Y growth of 55.6%. The growing need for personal mobility in the wake of rising urbanization and fall in car ownership are driving the demand for ride sharing. The factors that restrain the market are resistance from traditional transport services and complex transport policies of different countries. The ........

3 06, 2020

How is Mobokey redefining car access

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Now is the time, when people are redefining their daily practices. Businesses are changing their norms and how they do business. This is the time when MoboKey has become more relevant than ever. You don't want to touch any extra thing and especially car keys. Lock/Unlock and Start/Stop your car with a smartphone app Mobokey is redefining car access by allowing remote lock and unlock. Our customers ask for the the remote car access via a smartphone application. Our customers want to unlock the car with the phone which is ........

1 06, 2020

Keyless entry is the future for rental fleet owners

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Everyone needs to rethink the way we do business in these challenging times. The market most hit by this epidemic is the rental car and sharing market. They are the ones who need to change the way they do business by incorporating keyless entry in their rental fleets. This is why we claim that keyless entry is the future for the rental fleet owners. Remote car access: With Mobokey, you have remote car access via a smartphone app. MoboKey has become more relevant in these hard times. You don't want ........

18 05, 2020

How car sharing is beneficial for rentals companies?

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Car sharing is the way ahead for rental companies. MoboKey makes sure that car rental companies do not have to pay extra fees. It is one of the car-sharing platforms that allow the rental companies to provide remote access to the customers and also get their location. Let’s discuss all the features that benefit car rental companies in detail. Bookings As a car rental company, you should be able to book cars for your customers. The admin only needs the email address of the customer to book a car. Location ........

15 05, 2020

What are Mobokey Unique Selling points?

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The answer is simple, Access, security, and car-sharing platform. MoboKey provides access, security, and sharing all in one platform. With the price point that we offer, MoboKey is undoubtedly the best solution in the market for access, security & sharing. Access, Security, and Sharing Access: With Mobokey, you have remote car access via a smartphone app. With a device in your car, that connects you with a smartphone using Bluetooth smart. Hence enabling, remote car access via the MoboKey app. Security: Vehicle security has always been a damning issue over ........

11 05, 2020

An ultimate guide for the best use of MoboKey

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In order to use MoboKey to its full capacity, there are a few things that you should know. MoboKey is the ultimate device that allows access, security, and car-sharing. This device allows users to control their car with a smartphone app. In order to enjoy all the features, you should go through this ultimate guide. An ultimate guide for the best use of MoboKey Phone settings:  You need to set a few things in the phone settings. Bluetooth settings: Bluetooth is a sensitive protocol. This is why it is recommended ........

8 05, 2020

3 Ways to secure your car with Mobokey!

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There are three ways through which Mobokey secures your car. Mobokey with its advanced security system is the best option available for your vehicle. There are different security layers MoboKey provides that make the car secure. Two modes of Mobokey: Auto security mode. Manual security mode. There are three ways to secure your car using the MoboKey app. After setting up your account on the Mobokey App and connecting the car, click on the hamburger button on the top left of the screen. Anti-snatch mode:  Anti-Snatch mode is always active ........

6 05, 2020

Difference between ride sharing and car sharing

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Ride-sharing and car-sharing are the buzzwords that we have been listening for some time. Let's discuss the difference between both. Ride-Sharing It is nothing but using the service like Uber, Lyft or any other peer to peer ride-sharing service. Here when you book a ride, then the car with a driver will pick and drop you at the destination. That is you can enjoy a ride in the cab by paying a charge for the service. To put ride-sharing in a line you are sharing the route to the destination, ........

4 05, 2020

4 reasons why MoboKey security is better than any car security system

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As per the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the estimated worldwide auto-theft rate is 65.8 per 100,000. This begs the question if your car security is up to the mark. We have 4 compelling reasons for you to use MoboKey as it is undoubtedly a better car security system. 4 reasons why MoboKey security is better than any car security system 1 - Redefined vehicle security Mobokey security is advantageous in many ways. Since Mobokey technology is relatively newer in the market, it is not known to everyone, which creates ........