27 02, 2020

How to transfer ownership of the MoboKey equipped car?

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There are a couple of times when there is a need to change the ownership of the MoboKey equipped car. One of the issues reported by car owners is when the technician tests the car and claims ownership by mistake and the owner needs to transfer the car ownership to his account. Another case where you will need to transfer the car ownership is when you are selling the car with the MoboKey device installed. There are a few simple steps to get this done! Contact us: To change ownership, ........

25 02, 2020

A guide for Mobokey fleet owners

2020-02-25T21:07:12+05:00Categories: Car Sharing, Installation|

This is a guide for Mobokey fleet owners. Once you have installed the devices in your fleet, you will be required to follow the following steps. After signing up on the app, and setting up your account. Guide for a fleet owner using Mobokey Claiming ownership: After starting the app, you will see a pop-up screen to Claim ownership. It is emphasized to only press Claim Ownership if you are the actual owner of the car. The next step will be to enter the master key. By default, the Master ........

17 02, 2020

How to start a car rental business using MoboKey

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We believe in the quick market entry, so you can start making money fast. This is why we have a simple five-step procedure to start your own car rental business. Establish a business model. Get the renters onboard. Verify your customers and owners. Install Mobokey devices. Start Sharing. Let's discuss all the above mentioned in detail: Start your car rental business with Mobokey Establish a business model The first and most important step is defining your business model. Once you have established a car-sharing business model that suits your requirements, you ........

12 02, 2020

Which Mobokey device is best for you?

2020-02-21T18:07:27+05:00Categories: Car Access, Car Security, Car Sharing|

Mobokey device caters to all your car access, security and car-sharing needs. We have 3 different variants of the Mobokey devices. These 3 variants are Basic, Plus and Pro. In this article, we will try to discuss all of them in detail and which device is best suited for your needs. Is CAM Pro what you need? CAM Pro is a complete package that fulfills all the needs from access, security, and sharing of the vehicle. If you are inclined to buy CAM Pro, you can ask yourself the following ........

7 02, 2020

Why is there a need for Bluetooth based car-sharing?

2020-02-10T18:44:12+05:00Categories: Car Sharing|

Problem Statement: Bluetooth is the key factor when it comes to car access. Most of the companies rely on internet-based services for providing access to car-sharing for which a constant internet connection needs to be present for the device. This can be troublesome in the areas where there is no or unreliable internet connection that can cause a significant problem in accessing cars. The users can get stranded at odd places without access to the car. Our Solution Bluetooth based car-sharing:  The only solution is to equip your cars with ........

5 02, 2020

Integrate MoboKey devices in existing platforms using API Framework

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MoboKey devices can be integrated into the current car rental system using our API and framework libraries. Most of the car-sharing companies have their car rental platforms developed and they want the users to get the cars without the physical keys. Car tracking & telematics providing companies want to provide a car-sharing facility to their new and existing clients. MoboKey provides a perfect solution for integration. We provide framework libraries for the Bluetooth integration on iOS and Android platforms. Before getting the information and the actual code, we prefer that ........

5 02, 2020

Electrical safety equipment and fuse box of Mobokey

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In terms of electrical component safety, we are always looking for securing the equipment in your vehicle. We have made sure that your car is safe when our device is being installed. This is why we have spent hours to make sure that the device you have meets all the electrical safety standards. What electrical safety equipment is being used by Mobokey? Internal Relays We are using internal relays for device protection. These relays only allow a certain amount of current to pass through the device making sure that your ........

3 02, 2020

How Mobokey auto security works

2020-02-04T21:01:27+05:00Categories: Car Security|

Vehicle security has always been a damning issue over the years and the car manufacturers have failed to provide a genuine vehicle security solution. This is the reason we offer the Mobokey car auto security feature, which makes sure that your car is secure even when you are not around. After setting up your account on the Mobokey App and connecting the car, click on the hamburger button on the top left of the screen. There are two ways Mobokey secures your vehicle. Auto Security: In Auto Security, the ........

29 01, 2020

How Mobokey proximity lock/unlock works

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Proximity lock unlock is a feature in which the car locks & unlocks depending upon the distance between the car and phone. One of the best features using MoboKey in the car is proximity lock and unlock. Using this feature, our users do not need to tap on any button on the phone to lock/unlock the car! This feature gives the users an easy way to access the car. We are making sure that the user does not have to press any keys at all. How to configure Proximity ........

24 01, 2020

Useful features of MoboKey for car sharing companies

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Mobokey is a go-to solution for any car-sharing company for several reasons. The useful features of Mobokey make it the right choice for their car-sharing needs. The following are the features that a car-sharing company can use with Mobokey. Features useful in car-sharing List of all the available cars For any car-sharing company, it is important to have all the cars available on a platform. With Mobokey, you can list all the cars without any hassle. Once the cars are listed, you can view each one of them and select ........