28 10, 2021

5 important details available for the owner while sharing a car with the MoboKey app

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MoboKey is a device that allows you to share your car with anyone in the world. You can be anywhere in the world to share your car. This is an extremely useful function for car rental and sharing companies as well as the Turo hosts. One question, that we are asked by the owners and administrators before signing up on the MoboKey platform is what details are available for the owner while sharing the car. To answer that, the following are details that are available for the owner while sharing ........

21 10, 2021

Remote Car Access with a phone app

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MoboKey is a device that enables remote car access with a phone app. MoboKey makes sure that you don’t have to worry about your car keys anymore. It allows you to lock, unlock, start, stop and secure your car with your phone and so much more. There are a lot of remote car starters that are available in the market. Remote car access allows you to remotely access the car, without the intervention of car keys.  MoboKey remote car access with a phone app has a lot to offer than ........

14 10, 2021

Is the MoboKey Security System efficient?

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With MoboKey's state-of-the-art security, your car is secure all the time. So the question that the MoboKey security system is efficient or not has a simple answer. If you have activated the security features of MoboKey, you don't have to worry about your car. MoboKey will automatically secure your car when you move away from the range of your car. MoboKey connects your car to your smartphone for remote start and security. It provides complete access to your car via a smartphone app. Is the MoboKey security system efficient? We ........

8 10, 2021

Mobokey and contactless car sharing

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Contactless carsharing is becoming a norm in a post covid era. Rental car companies and Turo hosts have suffered the most, but MoboKey has helped them to enable contactless carsharing.  As the name suggests, contactless car sharing makes sure that the owner and renter do not have to meet in order to share or rent a car. This type of sharing is to facilitate Turo hosts, carsharing and rental companies. Contactless carsharing makes sure that we avoid touching unnecessary objects like keys and minimize social gatherings. How is MoboKey helping ........

23 09, 2021

How to start your car with a smartphone app?

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Do you own a calculator? You don't. You have a smartphone for that. Similarly, a thought must have come to your mind about your car keys. You like many people use keys and smart keys to start your car. What if I told you that you don't have to use your car keys anymore. There is an app that can allow you to start your car with a smartphone. That app is MoboKey. MoboKey allows you to start your car with a smartphone app. How to start your car with ........

17 09, 2021

Why are people into carsharing

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Over the last couple of years, we have seen an extraordinary amount of changes in technology. But one thing has disrupted the way we used to travel. The advent of carsharing has clearly impacted us in one way or another. And people all over the world seem to be into carsharing. Here we are going to discuss why are people into carsharing, why are people not buying things, and why are they interested in sharing their new belongings? Why are people into carsharing? In order to understand the interest of ........

10 09, 2021

Can you use MoboKey for your car-sharing needs?

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MoboKey allows you to access, secure, and share your car using a smartphone app. It is designed keeping in view the car-sharing needs of many segments. Car rental and sharing companies are not the only ones using car-sharing apps. Turo hosts, individuals, and communities are also using car-sharing for their purposes. Our aim is to make sure that MoboKey helps everyone. MoboKey for your car-sharing needs MoboKey is fulfilling the car-sharing needs of a variety of market segments. Some of them are mentioned below. Contactless car-sharing One of the reasons ........

2 09, 2021

Why is Bluetooth becoming necessary for car-sharing and remote starter?

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Most companies rely on the internet to provide access to car-sharing. These devices require a steady internet connection. This can be troublesome in areas where there is no or unreliable internet connection. This causes a significant problem in accessing cars. Taking these problems into consideration, MoboKey is using Bluetooth to enable car-sharing and remote starters. As a car owner, who is looking to enable contactless car-sharing or remote car access, you will have to take these into consideration. Is Bluetooth necessary for car-sharing and remote starters The only solution is ........

27 08, 2021

How can Mobokey enable peer-to-peer car-sharing for your fleet

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Peer-to-peer car-sharing is to share the car between two people. The car owner can share his car with the renter. It is an innovative way of car-sharing, and with MoboKey you can have the peer to peer car sharing. MoboKey enables peer-to-peer car-sharing for your fleet. How is MoboKey enabling peer-to-peer car sharing for the fleet? With MoboKey’s peer-to-peer car-sharing platform, we allow you to share your car with anyone you want. You can earn money by following some simple steps. Install a MoboKey device in your car. Just park ........

20 08, 2021

MoboKey: Car-Sharing Platform

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We notice that there is a healthy growth of car-sharing services. Car-sharing is emerging as a new and more sustainable way of transportation. Small and medium-sized car rental companies are looking for a cheap and reliable car-sharing platform. Not only the smaller companies but large companies are also looking for reliable partners. This is where MoboKey comes in, we are not only providing remote access to your vehicles but also a reliable car-sharing platform. Why use MoboKey's car-sharing platform MoboKey provides remote starting and keyless entry. MoboKey enables the users ........