3 12, 2020

Add car sharing to your car rental business

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An interesting proposition that has been circulating in the past few months is adding car-sharing into your textbook car rental business. The idea in the discussion has proven quite lucrative if implemented properly. Businesses are always looking to increase the streams of revenue. Whether it is a car rental business or a mobility startup, everyone's goal is to increase their revenues. Adding car sharing in a mid-sized car rental company If you are running a mid-sized car rental company you know that most of the cars have the highest utilization ........

26 11, 2020

How has the automotive aftermarket industry evolved over the years

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Whether you have a bold new car or an old modest car, you can not deny the importance of the aftermarket parts. From a car security system to a remote starter or an OBD module, the aftermarket industry is fulfilling the needs of the customers for years. This is the reason, the size of aftermarket parts has rightly swollen to 378.9Billion USD. The aftermarket industry has evolved a great deal over the years and is exploring new avenues. Factors responsible for the automotive industry's evolution An interesting study published by ........

20 11, 2020

Millennials and their willingness to share vehicles

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Nielson(American information, data, and market measurement firm) published an interesting insight into the technology driving innovation. The report suggested a lot of interesting points. But for us, the most interesting was the willingness of the millennials to share the vehicles. Goldman Sachs also mentioned their results in their report where they segregated their research. They were able to provide an interesting infographic as well. Why are the millennials into sharing vehicles and real estate? To take a deeper look at how the millennials are responding to sharing, we need to ........

5 11, 2020

How secure is your car with a remote starter

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Remote starter functionality is no longer limited to high-end luxury vehicles. They have become the norm for newer cars. Your old trusted vehicle doesn’t have to be left out, though, just because it’s a few years old. Aftermarket remote starters like MoboKey can be easy to install and work just as well, if not better, than those offered by car manufacturers. Albeit the ease of access, a question still arises how secure is your car with a remote starter? How secure is your car with a remote starter? The security of a ........

29 10, 2020

Contactless car sharing and how MoboKey can help

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Contactless car sharing is becoming a norm in a post covid era. As the name suggests, contactless car sharing makes sure that the owner and renter do not have to meet in order to share or rent a car. The concept of this type of sharing is to facilitate car-sharing and rental companies and makes sure that we avoid touching unnecessary objects like keys and minimize social gatherings. With the 2nd Layer of Covid-19 around, we make sure you don't need to carry car fobs along. With proximity, our customers ........

12 10, 2020

The next big thing is flying cars, now is MoboKey remote starter.

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2020 has been a remarkable year for remote starters. Even though it was being widely discussed with telematics and car data gathering. But it reached its peak in late June 2020. There are speculations when it comes to the next big thing in remote starters. We are hearing rumors of Apple collaborating with Range Rover as well but they are currently just rumors. Apple car keys news spread like a wildfire in a COVID struck world. Apple car key was considered to be the next big thing in remote starters ........

6 10, 2020

Launch your own car sharing company

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We at MoboKey, want to make sure that we tend to all your car-sharing needs. This is why we offer you to launch your car-sharing company. If you already have a rental car company and you want to launch your own car-sharing company, then MoboKey is a go-to solution. Launch your car-sharing platform We allow you to control your fleet with your app using the Mobokey device. Simply order a White label car-sharing solution and launch your own car-sharing company. With white labeling, you don’t need to use our name ........

23 09, 2020

4 simple steps to get Apple Car Key in 2020

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After the news that Apple will be allowing its users to start their BMW cars with their iPhone. Apple's car key is the keyword for the year 2020. Remote starters are available in the market for years but their sales have seen a spike after this news. There are 4 simple yet very expensive steps to get Apple Car Key in 2020. 4 simple steps to get Apple Car Key in 2020 Get an Apple device Obviously getting an Apple device is not cheap. If you are using iPhone 6 ........

18 09, 2020

Unique selling points of MoboKey Remote Access

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A key feature that has been attracting a lot of customers is remote access. We are allowing individuals and companies to have remote access in their cars and this is our unique selling point. As per our research, people like to remotely lock/unlock and start their cars. Just like Mobokey, there are others who are working on remote access but their efforts are to unlock the car. This is where we come in! Unique selling point of MoboKey's remote access MoboKey uses Bluetooth and it makes sure that the customer's ........

14 09, 2020

3 newest trends in car sharing market

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Like every market, car sharing is also in its evolutionary phase after COVID-19. New models of distribution and car-sharing are continuously developing. National governments are working to adapt the laws to new technologies. As per a report by Global News Wire, the car-sharing market is to grow by $ 7.65 bn during 2020-2024 at a CAGR of 16%. This report also covers the impact of COVID worldwide. Here we will discuss the 3 newest trends in the car-sharing market. 3 newest trends in the car-sharing market Corporate sharing Extraordinary changes ........