3 03, 2022

How can MoboKey help you with your car rental business

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The car rental business has started to gain ground after the pandemic. In order to stay afloat, many car rental businesses sought multiple ways to capitalize during this time. A few notable strategies were to enable contactless entry, disinfection of the cars, and so much more. The car rental business is emerging as a new and more sustainable way of transportation. Small and medium-sized car rental companies are looking for a cheap and reliable car-sharing platform. Not only the smaller companies but large companies are also looking for reliable partners. ........

24 02, 2022

Auto-start your car with your phone

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MoboKey is a device that gets installed in your car and allows you to auto-start with your phone. MoboKey makes sure that you don’t have to worry about your car keys anymore. It allows you to lock, unlock, start, stop and secure your car with your phone and so much more. There are a lot of remote car starters that are available in the market. MoboKey allows you to auto-start your car with your phone, without the intervention of car keys. Not only this but it also allows your customer ........

17 02, 2022

How can companies enable internal carsharing?

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One of the recent trends that we have seen grow is the companies enabling internal carsharing. We have received expressions of interest from companies to allow their employees to access their cars, hence enabling internal carsharing or corporate carsharing. How can companies enable internal carsharing with MoboKey? We have served a bunch of small, medium, and large-scale companies that contact us to enable internal carsharing within the organization. Small and medium-sized companies, companies want to provide access to their vehicles to come to the office or visit a site. These ........

9 02, 2022

MoboKey Security and how effective is it?

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MoboKey security when compared with other security devices has a few advantages. The most prominent advantage is that it is less prone to remote attacks. This makes MoboKey security one of the most effective security solutions available in the market. Most of the security systems are either GSM or NFC based. The problem with GSM-based systems is that they are traceable from anywhere in the world. Hence becoming prone to hacking. On the other hand, the MoboKey Security system is effective in that it is not available on the internet. ........

27 01, 2022

MoboKey Car Sharing for your fleet

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Car sharing is in its evolutionary phase and this market has grown during Covid. New models of distribution and car-sharing are continuously developing. Car Sharing is becoming a norm for any kind of fleet. It does not matter if it is a fleet of a car rental company or a fleet owned by a company or Turo host. Car Sharing is now an option for all kinds of fleets. The governments are working to adapt the laws to new technologies. As per a report by Global News Wire, the car-sharing ........

21 01, 2022

MoboKey, a key proponent for contactless carsharing

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Contactless carsharing is the new norm for car rental and sharing companies. It is a modern solution to avoid worrisome waits at the counter. In a completely contactless rental, the customer accesses and returns the vehicle through a pin code, a smartphone, or a similar method. And all without any face-to-face contact with the car rental operator or owner. MoboKey is a key proponent for contactless carsharing. MoboKey makes sure that your car rental experience is as seamless as it can be. How is MoboKey a key proponent for contactless ........

16 01, 2022

Terms and Conditions

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1. RoboArt (Pvt) Ltd. reserves all the copyrights in its sole discretion for this app. 2. It is recommended to kindly change the keys so that no one can access your car with default keys. 3. It is to be made clear that the intent of the app is to provide ease for you and the company shall not be responsible if the app is used in the scenario of theft or any other case. 4. It is recommended to kindly keep the mobile phone charged while using the app. ........

16 01, 2022


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Do I need to purchase a device for MoboKey to work? Yes, you need to purchase the device. You can place your order at Is the Blue light blinking on the MoboKey device? If yes, please see if you have enabled location access for the MoboKey app. I have enabled location access for MoboKey but it does not appear in scanning. Reset the MoboKey by removing the 3-pin connector of the device and try to connect again. It is still not appearing in the app scanning, what do I ........

13 01, 2022

What is new in MoboKey Basic?

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As we are committed to providing you with the most advanced systems for you, we have updated the Basic variant of MoboKey. This new Basic variant will not increase help you in carsharing but will also enhance the security for your shared cars. What's new in Basic Following are the changes that we have made in MoboKey Basic. Features Older version New Device Proximity Lock No Yes Proximity Unlock No Yes Range 10 feet 150 feet Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.1 Bluetooth 5.2 Price $89.95 $99.95 Warranty 1 Year ........

6 01, 2022

How can MoboKey help you save costs in your rental business

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MoboKey helps you to save costs in your rental business, this is why it is so popular with small and medium car rental businesses. One of MoboKey's keyless solution advantages is cost-effectiveness. Our solution starts from as low as $100 which allows you to access, secure, and share your car using a smartphone app. How can MoboKey help you save costs in your car rental business? Remote Starter MoboKey allows the user to start the car with the smartphone app. One of the most used features of MoboKey is remote ........