There are a couple of times when there is a need to change the ownership of the MoboKey equipped car. One of the issues reported by car owners is when the technician tests the car and claims ownership by mistake and the owner needs to transfer the car ownership to his account. Another case where you will need to transfer the car ownership is when you are selling the car with the MoboKey device installed.

There are a few simple steps to get this done!

Contact us:

To change ownership, just send us an email on through the email address that was used to purchase the product. Or send us an email through the email address that has claimed ownership.

Deleting the car from the old owner

We will confirm your request after verifying the information.

After confirmation, we will delete the car under the sent email address.

Claim ownership

The new owner can simply claim the ownership by connecting the device and hence the car ownership transfer is complete.

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