The newest addition in carjackers arsenal is the signal repeater which has actually put a question mark on car security. We at MoboKey, have found a way to secure your car from this new threat. With the advent of the signal repeaters, the newer cars are more at risk of being stolen. This is where MoboKey comes in.

How secure is your car?

The inbuilt security system of the car is as follows:

  1. The smart key comes with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip.
  2. RFID chip emits a signal to ECU (Engine Control Unit) of the car.
  3. If verified, then the push button is activated and the car starts.

The aforementioned system is being used by most of the car manufacturers in the market. This car security system has crumbled with the advent of signal repeaters.

What are signal repeaters and how they are a threat to your car security?

  1. The RFID chip in the smart key is continuously emitting a signal.
  2. After capturing the signal, the repeater then boosts that signal.
  3. When that signal is received by the car ECU, it considers that the key is inside the car.
  4. Hence, unlocking and starting the car in a matter of minutes.

Aftermarket security system

  • Use a relay with RFID signals, that can be easily bypassed.
  • Use a relay with a GSM-based system, whose GSM signal can be easily blocked.

Secure your car with a multi-layered MoboKey Security

With our all-new intricate system, we are securing your car like no one else in the market.

  1. Your login email address.
  2. The password associated with that email.
  3. Regular key & Master key.

With our smart Bluetooth based security system, it is not easy to steal your car. Even with the signal repeaters, your car security is intact.

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Car Security Issues and Mobokey

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