Do I need to purchase a device for MoboKey to work?

Yes, you need to purchase the device. You can place your order at

Is the Blue light blinking on the MoboKey device?

If yes, please see if you have enabled location access for the MoboKey app.

I have enabled location access for MoboKey but it does not appear in scanning.

Reset the MoboKey by removing the 3-pin connector of the device and try to connect again.

It is still not appearing in the app scanning, what do I do?

Try to reset your smartphone and remove unnecessary devices from the Bluetooth menu of your phone.

I am still not able to find my MoboKey device in the app. 

Please call us at +1-512-591-8087 or email us at

There are no lights in the MoboKey device.

There are supposed to be two lights in the MoboKey device. One is blue and one is green! Green light shows that the device has power and (Blinking) blue light means that the device is ready to connect. If there are no lights, please see if the device is connected to a stable 12V battery source.

The device is powered properly with a stable but there are no lights.

Please call us at +1-512-591-8087 or email us at

The Blue and Green lights are stable in the MoboKey device.

It seems your device is already connected to some other smartphone nearby. Please check any others in your vicinity and ask them to turn their Bluetooth off.