As we are committed to providing you with the most advanced systems for you, we have updated the Basic variant of MoboKey. This new Basic variant will not increase help you in carsharing but will also enhance the security for your shared cars.

What’s new in Basic

Following are the changes that we have made in MoboKey Basic.

Features Older version New Device
Proximity Lock No Yes
Proximity Unlock No Yes
Range 10 feet 150 feet
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.1 Bluetooth 5.2
Price $89.95 $99.95
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year
Auto Engine Deactivation No Yes
Auto Door Lock on disconnect No Yes
Buy MoboKey Basic

Our app and hardware allow you to access, secure, and share your car and help you to save costs in your rental business, this is why it is so popular with small and medium car rental businesses. The basic version of our device is preferred by small car rental companies. Following are reasons why:

  • The low cost allows MoboKey Basic a go-to device to enable carsharing.
  • Our customers needed a simple device that allowed them to use proximity using the Basic model.
  • Small car rental companies do not want to pay for high installation costs.
  • With the new Basic version of MoboKey, carsharing can be used as well as security.
  • One of MoboKey’s keyless solution advantages is cost-effectiveness.
  • Our solution starts from as low as $100 which allows you to access, secure, and share your car using a smartphone app.

The abovementioned are the reasons why MoboKey is a preferred version for small car rental companies in the US and worldwide.

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Get more info about MoboKey: Car Key in your Smartphone