MoboKey helps you to save costs in your rental business, this is why it is so popular with small and medium car rental businesses. One of MoboKey’s keyless solution advantages is cost-effectiveness. Our solution starts from as low as $100 which allows you to access, secure, and share your car using a smartphone app.

How can MoboKey help you save costs in your car rental business?

Remote Starter

MoboKey allows the user to start the car with the smartphone app. One of the most used features of MoboKey is remote lock/unlock. Once the device is installed in your car, the car unlocks when you move towards the locking zone. And when you move away from the car, it locks the car automatically.


Our team has designed the MoboKey security to take into account all the possible scenarios, from car snatching to phone snatching. We have made sure that your car is secure all the time even when you are not around. Also, there’s no need to give extra money for a separate locking system when you have MoboKey installed.

No recurring charges

Since MoboKey is a Bluetooth-based device, you don’t have to pay for any recurring charges. We provide one year warranty for the device and will help you out with the installation as well.

Affordable devices

Our devices start from $100 and go up to $160 depending upon the requirements of the user with no recurring fee that makes the device affordable. 

Unlimited car keys

With MoboKey installed, you don’t have to worry about giving your car keys to share your car with anyone.  The car keys can be shared with unlimited people through one app.

SDKs and libraries

If you are looking to integrate our system with your app, we can also help you with the integration. We make sure that small and medium enterprises can also provide high-end features for their car-sharing companies.

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