Mobokey allows the user to remotely start the car from a smartphone but we recommend to keep a backup key. The reason for keeping the key inside in a safe spot is in case of an emergency! Mobokey makes sure that even if someone gets the hold of the car key, they would not be able to start. The reason being the security mechanism installed in the device.

Backup Key in Smartphone

Mobokey serves the purpose to eliminate the use of the key. We have made sure that the device is robust and can withstand tough conditions. The device is CE certified and is manufactured as per the EU standard. But, we still recommend having a backup key, allowing the user to not be stuck in uncertain circumstances. If the device is not working, you can start the vehicle using a key.

In a rare case of the device not working, we make sure that you have a backup key inside the car. One of the most used features in Mobokey is security, so do not have to worry about the security of the car.

 Security of Mobokey

As the user moves away from the car, the device automatically secures the car. Making sure that the car only starts when the owner is near. Mobokey is not just the backup key in your smartphone app. It also allows the user to share, access and secure the car using our app. So, if you leave the car keys inside, no one can start the car as they need a smartphone to deactivate the security.

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