MoboKey stands out from its competitors because of the numerous reasons. From pricing to customizations, From access to sharing, we are covering all bases.

We have more than 2000 individual customers. We have individuals who use our devices to remotely control their cars. This is why we say that MoboKey’s use is not limited to rental car companies. Even though we have a lot of car-sharing companies working with us, our app also caters to single users. Here are some points which make MoboKey different from its competitors.

Remote access

One of the key factors MoboKey is different from its competitors is because we provide remote access. We allow our customers to lock, unlock, start, and stop the car with proximity. Read more here.


MoboKey has redefined vehicle security. We secure the car just as the owner leaves the vicinity of the car. Making sure that only you could start it. Read more here.


MoboKey device is designed to facilitate rental fleets and car-sharing companies. This is why MoboKey is preferred to be used in small and medium-sized car fleets. Read more here.

No recurring fees

One of the things that impact all the car rental companies is a small recurring fee. Fees like tracker fees, platform fees, etc. We try to eliminate them with our solution.


MoboKey devices can be integrated into the current car rental system using our API and framework libraries. To know more about this email us at


The most beneficial part of using MoboKey is pricing. Our devices are on par with the best in the business with a fraction of the price.


Mobokey is compatible with 99% of the cars in the market right now! We have installed almost all the cars in the market. From Tesla to Toyota, and 99% of the cars are compatible with the Mobokey device.

All the above are the reasons why MoboKey is different from its competitors. This is why not only car rental companies but individual consumers like MoboKey. MoboKey is also a perfect solution for car rental companies as well.

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