Covid-19 pandemic is driving the world crazy and it becomes a dire need of the time to adopt preventive measures. The virus is not something that is going to fade away in a few weeks so everyone should prepare by changing habits and adopting new ways to implement things in the current situation.

MoboKey has been proven useful in such times and we have learned this through our customers. Some use cases are below:

No requirement of carrying car keys:

  • As coronavirus can stay on objects for some time, car keys can become a major reason for its spread.  Mobokey requires you not to keep car keys, hence one less object that may result in infecting you with the virus.

Proximity Lock/Unlock:

  • This feature automatically opens up all car doors without taking out your phone, which means even if your hands are dirty or vice versa, you don’t need to touch your phone in order to open ut your car.

Proximity Start/Stop:

  • This feature is for cars that require a physical key in order to start the car. MoboKey app allows you to start the car without taking out the smartphone. It detects the driver’s presence near the steering wheel and starts the car automatically.

Sharing without keys:

  • With the built-in car-sharing, the rental businesses can easily stay in business as they do not require to provide people with a physical key.

Our team is taking precautions while packing and shipping MoboKey devices. Each component involved is sprayed with disinfectant and passes through UV light. We wish you health and prosperity and hope to see you smile in such difficult times.

These are some scenarios where MoboKey helps you to protect against Covid-19.

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