MoboKey makes sure that car rental companies do not have to pay extra fees. We at MoboKey try to maximize benefits for our customers.

MoboKey is one of the car-sharing platforms that allows the rental car owners to provide remote access to the customers and also get their location. Let’s discuss all the features that benefit car rental companies in detail.

Booking of cars

As the owner of a car rental company, you should be able to book the cars for your customers. The owner only needs the email address of the customer to book a car.

Locate the cars

The owner should be able to locate the shared cars. In the case of MoboKey, we provide location using the GPS of the customers’ phone.

Remote access for the customer

The owner of a car rental company should be able to provide remote access of his car to their customer. MoboKey makes sure that the owner can provide remote access for the customer.

Limited access

MoboKey also provides a variety of devices depending upon the needs of the users. Car rental companies have shown great interest in MoboKey’s car sharing platform as it makes car sharing so much easier.

Extended warranties

We also provide extended warranties to benefit car rental companies as well. After one year, we negotiate a small price for extended warranties.

Quick market entry

We believe in the quick market entry, so you can start making money fast. This also benefits car rentals as well.  We have a simple five-step procedure to start your own car rental business.

  1. Establish a business model.
  2. Get the renters onboard.
  3. Verify your customers and owners.
  4. Install Mobokey devices.
  5. Start Sharing.

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