We believe in the quick market entry, so you can start making money fast. This is why we have a simple five-step procedure to start your own car rental business.

  1. Establish a business model.
  2. Get the renters onboard.
  3. Verify your customers and owners.
  4. Install Mobokey devices.
  5. Start Sharing.

Let’s discuss all the above mentioned in detail:

Start your car rental business with Mobokey

Establish a business model

The first and most important step is defining your business model. Once you have established a car-sharing business model that suits your requirements, you can formulate a plot around which you are going to generate revenue. Multiple business models are in practice. You can read some detail related to the business model here: Car Rental Business Models.

Getting the renters onboard

After establishing a business model, an important step is getting renters on board, because you cannot buy all the cars and put them on rent. You can get the existing car rentals on your platform or individuals depending upon your business model. 

Verify customers and owners

Verifying your customers and owners is to make sure that your vehicles are safe. It is important to make sure that you identify the owners and customers both per the legislature of your country.

Install Mobokey devices and car-sharing platform

Once you have identified your partners and business model, you can set up Mobokey devices and platforms to set up car-sharing with your fleet of cars. You can read more about setting up here

Start Sharing

With our devices, you don’t have to worry about the sharing and access part. We are making sure that you do not have to worry about these issues. We try to speed up the market entry and you can start generating revenue. 

What we can do for you?

White labeling: We understand that you need exclusivity so we provide white labeling of our app and car-sharing platform with features that you need.

API integration: We provide Android and iOS libraries for our modules. Our developers would help you out in integrating our solution into your current application.

Customization: We provide customization in our device according to your integration needs. Our devices can communicate with other connected car devices. We also provide Over the Air (OTA) update support for the firmware of our devices. Not only this but we also can provide GSM and GPS devices on-demand integrate Mobokey’s car-sharing platform in your app.

Why Us?

No recurring fee: We don’t charge any recurring fee.

No data charges: Since it is a Bluetooth based device so no data charges either.

Two-years warranty: Our devices have 2 years warranty.

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