Mobokey is a facilitator when it comes to you and your car-sharing app. We try to make sure that we help your company grow with our API integration and hardware. Mobokey is helping out small and medium enterprises in growing there business. We are providing their customers with the ability to remotely locking and unlocking the car. Not only this but also with the ability to share the car for a specified amount of time. You can read more in this article.

We are asked some questions from different car-sharing companies. Some of them are the following.

Do you provide API integration in my app?

A: Yes. The integration of Mobokey’s car-sharing platform and devices is an easy process. We provide APIs and libraries for the fleet owners to integrate into their system. Here is the link for more details.

Can I allow access to someone for a certain period with your app?

A: Yes. With our app and device, the owner or the administrator can grant access for a specified amount of time. Therefore, a renter can access the car for the time they have paid for. If they want more time on the vehicle, they can ask the administrator or the owner.

Can I revoke access to my car, from the renter remotely?

A: Yes. You can simply change the ending time of the rent. The access to the car will automatically be revoked, after 3 warnings.

What can my renter do once I have shared a car with them? Or, Can I grant limited access to a renter?

A:  One of the most useful features in Mobokey’s car-sharing platform is the access level.

You can select from three levels:

  • Pro: Complete access to the car.
  • Security: Lock, Unlock and Security.
  • Basic: Only lock and Unlock.

Read more here. This is why we recommend our API integration in your car-sharing app

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