With MoboKey’s Smart Start car system, you do not have to carry your car keys anymore. You can go keyless and have your car key remote in your smartphone. No need to carry the car keys at all. No need to worry about forgetting them somewhere.

Smart car start with Mobokey

  • Lock/Unlock:
    • A single tap on your app and you can lock and unlock your car.
  • Start/Stop:
    • One tap to activate accessories
    • One more to turn on the car
    • Long press to start the car

Car Security

  • Anti-theft
  • Anti snatch

Sharing of the car

  • Time
  • Access level

Unlimited keys

A few more reasons: We have had long discussions with our clients and we came up with a solution i.e. Mobokey. In our app, the owner even when not connected can perform various tasks

    • Locate the car. The location is updated after every minute
    • Set and change the access level at any time
    • Set and change the ending time at any moment

Mobokey is your car key remote in smartphones. This is the time when we replace the keys with a better alternative. We have Mobokey, which provides a solution and make sure that your hassles of carrying your key are no more. We all have been through this. It does not matter, whether you carry a purse or keep them in your pocket. Keys are going to keep you distracted in your pocket. Eventually, you will have to remove them from your pocket, which takes us to the next reason why you use the Mobokey app, to access your car.

So, Download your application here: Go to Play Store or App Store!

Get more info about MoboKey: An App which is your Smartphone Car Key

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