One of the most useful features in Mobokey’s car-sharing platform is the access level. As the design of the application and hardware is very well thought. We make sure that we cater to all the requirements of the user. This is the reason, we have come up with a changeable access level in the Mobokey. Mobokey is not just accessing, but more importantly, we are a sharing platform for any car rental company.

We believe that car rental and sharing companies need more relaxation when it comes to providing access to sharing the car. This is why we came up with a solution that is the answer to all the problems that they have faced over the years.

Access Level Setting in Mobokey’s Car Sharing Platform:

Mobokey is a game-changer when it comes to sharing of the cars. Our platform allows the companies to share, edit time and access level at any moment they seem fit!

You can select from three levels:

  • Pro: Complete access to the car.
  • Security: Lock, Unlock and Security.
  • Basic: Only lock and Unlock.

We have had long discussions with our clients and we came up with a solution i.e. Mobokey. In our app, the owner even when not connected can perform various tasks

  • Locate the car. The location is updated after every minute
  • Set and change the access level at any time
  • Set and change the ending time at any moment

How to set and change time and access

  • From the “My Cars” menu, select the car you want to share
  • Set the “Access Level”
  • Set the “Start Time and Date” & “End Time and Date”
  • Check the location of the car and done!

In case you want to change the time and access level

  • From the “Car Shared by Me” menu, select the car you want to change time
  • Tap on the “Extend Time”
  • Set the new time and done!
  • In case you want to change the access, you will reshare the car with the desired level.

These are the features that none of the platforms provider, this is why are trusted by our clients.


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