One of the things that impact all the car rental companies is a small recurring fee. Fees like tracker fees, platform fees, etc. These small recurring fees add together and become large operational costs. We commit to our customers that there will be no recurring fees while using MoboKey.

Why there’s no recurring fee with MoboKey?

The reason why MoboKey has no recurring fee is simple. The reason is that we use Bluetooth to control the car. Bluetooth is the key factor when it comes to car access.

Why do we use Bluetooth?
  • Most of the companies rely on internet-based services for providing access to car-sharing for which a constant internet connection needs to be present for the device.
  • Most of the companies already have GPS trackers in their cars, so they pay extra for another internet-based device.
  • As the MoboKey platform is Bluetooth based so there are no monthly charges and the car-sharing app is free for life.

Small car rental companies do not want to increase their operating cost. So we provide the MoboKey car-sharing platform free of cost.

To onboard our platform, the process is very simple as it only requires the company to purchase MoboKey devices. Install these devices in their cars and start sharing with no extra costs.

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