With MoboKey, you can save money. Yes, that’s right. Since Mobokey focuses primarily on a sharing platform, it offers a wide variety of features ranging from security to access. All of this in a single device. And the best part is “without any recurring monthly fee”.

Let us discuss each feature at a time and how it helps saving money.


Let us compare a tracker with MoboKey. Tracker secures the car. Or at least the tracking companies have given the customers a sense of security. It is an unintelligible process, that when your car is stolen you need to call the insurance company to deactivate your vehicle. How is that security?

Whereas, with MoboKey, the car is secured as soon as you move away from the car. So you don’t have to call anyone to secure the car. You have control of your car in your app!

How to save money with MoboKey Security:

Usually, a tracking company charges around $60 initially and $3-5 a month. And if you use their service for one a half year, you are paying more than MoboKey.  Therefore, in the longer run, it is better to use a more efficient security system. i.e. MoboKey. You will end paying more as the time goes.


People have been accessing their cars with smart keys. If the smart key is lost, replicating that key costs more than $200. Annually, around 20 million keys are lost and 3.5 million are car keys.

How to save money with MoboKey Access: 

While using MoboKey, you don’t have to worry about your car keys anymore. And in $150, you always have a backup key on your phone.


Sharing a car has always been a problem, but not with Mobokey. You have to replicate the car keys or provide the actual keys to someone if you want to share your car, which is not cheap.

How to save money with MoboKey Sharing:

As told earlier, getting a car key copied costs around $200, and if you are a rental car company with a fleet of 50 cars, you can buy 10 iPhone X. We are providing you a solution with which you don’t have to spend an astronomical amount of money to enable sharing. You will only need to spend $150 which will allow you to access, secure and share your car at the same time.

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