With Mobokey, you have remote car access via a smartphone app. We install a device in the car that connects with a smartphone using Bluetooth smart.

Remote car access via Mobokey app

With Mobokey, you can easily perform the following tasks.

  1. Lock/Unlock,
  2. Start/Stop and
  3. Deactivate/Active security

with the Mobokey app. With our solution, you don’t need to install a GSM-based device in your car. You can access your car from a distance of 100 meters.

Car access is a feature worth mentioning when it comes to the Mobokey. Mobokey allows you to lock/unlock your car from a smartphone application. Not only this but it also allows remote starting of your car from your smartphone application. Mobokey is your Remote car access in a Smartphone Application.

It also removes the hassle of carrying car keys all the time. As you move towards the car, the app automatically connects with the car. When you approach the car, it unlocks and when you sit in it, it starts the car, without you doing anything at all. Mobokey uses Bluetooth smart to perform all the functions.

Why Mobokey uses Bluetooth?

We have made sure that Bluetooth is easier and simpler to share the car. It is

  1. Safe and secure
  2. Multiple key protection
  3. Enable peer-to-peer sharing

Hence, we are accessing, securing and sharing the car using Bluetooth.

Why use Bluetooth rather than GSM

There are multiple reasons to use Bluetooth rather than GSM.  Some reasons are the following:

  1. Not vulnerable to remote internet attacks
  2. Best with car sharing
  3. Added security layers of Mobokey

We have discussed this in detail here. You don’t need a GSM to control your car.

When we talk about sharing, we have made sure that car sharing is made easier than ever before.

We are making sure that our platform has everything that a car-sharing company would need. This is why we track car location in sharing.

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