Mobokey is a smartphone app that allows you to control multiple cars with one app. With Mobokey’s platform, users can simply access, secure and share the car. Since, we provide a single platform, that enables the users to perform all the functions that they need in their smartphone. Therefore, removing the need to carry car keys at all. This feature is vastly used for car sharing and rental car companies. That is why Mobokey is just the perfect solution for car-sharing companies.

How to control multiple cars with one app?

This is rather a simple process.

  1. Install the devices in the cars that you want remote access too.
  2. Download the Mobokey app.
  3. If you are the owner of all the cars, claim ownership.
  4. Enter the master key for all the cars.
  5. You can see all the cars listed under “My Cars”.
  6. Change the name of the cars to differentiate from one and other.
  7. Access, and share the cars with whomever you want.

Only the cars that you claimed ownership and know the master key will be listed under “My Cars”. These are the cars that can further be shared.

We have multiple clients who have numerous cars in one app platform. These are following

Rental Car Companies: Car rental companies are one of the biggest clients that we have. Rental companies have always been fed up with the fact that they had to pass on physical keys to their clients and once the car has been shared, there is no possibility to access the car after the time is over.

Turo Hosts: Clients that are using our car-sharing platform are the people who have listed their cars on Turo and since Turo does not allow car sharing per se, they are using our platform to share them the car keys. We are also providing them with white-labeled applications. Hence, making sure that their customers have seamless and secure access to the cars that are being rented.

Communities: We are enabling communities to share the car and use them for designated time slots

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