We help you build a customized car-sharing platform. Mobokey was designed keeping in mind its usefulness in car sharing via a Smartphone app. It provides numerous features and car-sharing via smartphone app is one of the most talked-about features. Mobokey is transforming the car-sharing industry with an amazing car-sharing platform.

How to use Mobokey and its car-sharing platform?

To understand Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing, Peer-to-peer car-sharing (also known as person-to-person car-sharing and peer-to-peer car rental) is the process whereby existing car owners make their vehicles available for others to rent for short periods. For more information on understanding peer-to-peer car sharing, click here.

Do you need a customized car-sharing platform?

If you are a rental car company or a Turo host, use Getaround, or want to enable car sharing for yourself or your community, you may consider a customized car-sharing platform.

Rental Car Companies:

Car rental companies are one of the biggest clients that we have. We understand that rental car companies are fed up with the fact that they have to pass on physical keys to their clients. Moreover, there is no possibility to digitally access the car after the time is over. That we why, we are allowing you to check the location of the car. Not only this but extend and reduce time as per the requirement of your customers.

Turo Hosts or Getaround:

Clients that are using platforms like Turo or Getaround for car-sharing who have listed their cars on the said have to eventually meet their customers. This adds another step and is a major inconvenience. They are using our platform to share the car keys. We are also providing them with white-labeled applications. Hence, making sure that their customers have seamless and secure access to the cars that are being rented.

Cons of sharing the car with Turo and the Getaround app

Sharing the digital key of your car with these platforms comes with a certain limitation.

A limited number of cars: These platforms only have certain cars that can enable keyless and contactless car sharing. On the contrary, MoboKey offers keyless and contactless car sharing for more than 90% of the cars in the market. Moreover, they use third-party devices and these devices have very limited compatibility.

No support: Since this service is limited to a certain number of cars, the support is very limited

Limited to US: This service is currently available in the US alone

High Fees: If you somehow get into their platform, the fees are high, whereas MoboKey charges no recurring cost.


We are enabling communities to share the car and use them for designated time slots.

Single users:

Single users have a list of features to look forward to. From Access to Security and Sharing, our customers have used Mobokey for numerous reasons. Mobokey enables a single user to earn money. They are earning money when their car is not being used. It is not just limited to car rental companies.

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