Mobokey is using Bluetooth for remote access for multiple reasons. We had various options while looking for a solution to remote start the car. However, we opted for a Bluetooth-based solution. The following are the reasons why.

Not vulnerable to remote internet attacks

Bluetooth is not connected to the internet and can only provide access within a certain range. Anyone who wants to access the car has to be within the range of the car to access it. In case of MoboKey, the range of the device is 300 feet.

Best with peer-to-peer car sharing

MoboKey is designed for car sharing as well. We have made sure that car-sharing becomes easy using MoboKey. This is one of the reasons we use Bluetooth. In one of the scenarios, while working with car sharing, customers are granted access from the owner of the car. The owner can set the time and access level. Once the car is shared, the customer can approach the car and use it until the timer ends. You can read more about car sharing with MoboKey here.

Added security layers of Mobokey

With MoboKey, we do have the security that Bluetooth provides. But we have also added another layer of security. Our engineers have devised a multi-layered security system.

With our multi-layered protection, we have made sure that you are free of any hassle. Your password is just as important as your ATM pin. You can share the car without sharing any passkey. Change any key as per your requirement. We have used three protections.

  1. Master key
  2. Regular key
  3. Login and password

Read more about MoboKey security here.

Bluetooth is secure

There is a misconception with Bluetooth that it is not secure. But in the past couple of years, huge strides have been made and companies like ours and Tesla has been using Bluetooth technology. Companies have done a huge research and are making Bluetooth secure.

These are the reasons, we are using Mobokey with Bluetooth for remote access.

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