Our ground-breaking car security is one of the reasons to buy the Mobokey app. Mobokey app allows the user to secure the car using a smartphone.

Mobokey enables the user to perform multiple tasks using the smartphone and security of the car is one of them. With Mobokey, you can access, secure and share your car without any hassle. With our device and app, we make sure that your life is easier.

Following are the reasons why:

You are in Control:

As we are providing security of the car, we also make sure that no one else is in charge. Only you are the one in charge of the security of your car. You do not need to worry and call your insurance company and ask them to secure the car because it will be secured as soon as you move away from the car’s unlocking zone.

New technology:

Mobokey is the latest that the market has to offer. Mobokey provides car security, unlike any other provider. This unorthodox approach makes our technology different from anyone. We make sure that the customers have the best of all. Our new approach towards security enables security in a modern way. You can disable whichever system you want to deactivate.

Multi-layered password protection:

With our multi-layered protection, we have made sure that you are free of any hassle. Your password is just as important as your ATM pin. You can share the car without sharing any passkey. Change any key as per your requirement. We have used three protections.

  1. Master key
  2. Regular key
  3. Login and password

So in order to control any car, a thief would have to know all the passwords and has to be in the range of the car as well.

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