Mobokey is your car key remote in your smartphone. And we have jotted down 4 very compelling reasons why keys have become obsolete. This is the time when we replace the keys with a better alternative. We have Mobokey, which provides a solution and makes sure that your hassles of carrying your key are no more.

The following are the reasons why you should not be carrying your car keys. Use Mobokey instead.

Because carrying keys is a hassle.

We all have been through this. We know carrying car keys is a hassle. It does not matter, whether you carry a purse or keep them in your pocket. Keys are going to keep you distracted in your pocket. Eventually, you will have to remove them from your pocket, which takes us to the next reason why you use the Mobokey app, to access your car.

Because keys are the most lost item

Did you know every year there are over 20 million car/house keys that are lost in the US alone? Don’t wait for this to happen to you and get a backup key for your car on your smartphone now. Mobokey makes sure that your car keys are safe inside your smartphone.

Because getting keys copied is expensive

If you have never experienced this, then you are one lucky person. Because, if you have lost your car keys then you will have to pay up to $200 to get the key replaced. Why not get Mobokey instead? And enjoy unlimited features of use that come with Mobokey.

Because we have a better solution: Mobokey, Car Key in Smartphone

Mobokey is undoubtedly, a reliable and cheap solution to get your car keys on your smartphone. Mobokey is the future.

  • Why get into the hassle of wasting time on finding the keys?
  • Why worry when you can’t find the key?

We are giving you everything in one app. From access to security and sharing. Everything is in one app only. Make your life easier because it is worth it.

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