You can now redefine vehicle security, leveraging advanced anti-snatch and anti-theft modes in MoboKey Security System. MoboKey’s innovative approach uses your smartphone to ensure superior security, making your device more secure than any traditional system available in the market.

Car Security Using the MoboKey App

With MoboKey, your car is always secure. Our refined security ensures that when you are away, the MoboKey app automatically locks your car. When you return, the app recognizes you and unlocks the car seamlessly. This modern approach to car security not only adds convenience but also enhances safety.

Given the novelty of MoboKey technology, it isn’t widely known, providing a unique security edge. Our system includes multiple security layers, ensuring robust protection. To bypass MoboKey security, a potential thief would need all access credentials, be within the car’s range, and have verified information from our server’s MAC address—making unauthorized access nearly impossible.

Anti Snatch Security System

MoboKey’s Auto Security feature means you don’t need to call anyone if your car is snatched. As soon as your car exits your specified range or leaves the locking zone, the engine automatically locks, preventing further unauthorized use. In the worst-case scenario, when your phone and car both are snatched, the first thing a snatcher does is turn off the phone. Once the phone is turned off, the car security would kick in. And render the starter deactivated.

Anti Theft Security System

Even when you’re not around, MoboKey’s Anti-Theft mode ensures your car’s security. The app automatically activates car security as soon as you exit the locking zone, giving you peace of mind. This makes sure that your car is secure at all times.

When the car is disconnected from your phone, the security relay activates automatically.

Advantages of MoboKey Security

Compared to other security devices, MoboKey offers significant advantages, particularly in resisting remote attacks. Most security systems are GSM or NFC based, which are susceptible to remote hacking. MoboKey’s advanced technology is less prone to these vulnerabilities, making it one of the most effective security solutions available.

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