Are you driving a stick shift or manual car and wondering if MoboKey can enhance your driving experience? The answer is a resounding yes! MoboKey is compatible with more than 90% of the cars in today’s market, including stick shift cars. With over 10,000 installations and counting, MoboKey has proven its compatibility across various car manufacturers, from German to Japanese, American, and other European brands.

Our device is designed to seamlessly integrate with 90% of the cars available, whether they feature a traditional key start or a modern push start system. But what about stick shift or manual cars? Rest assured, MoboKey is here to make your driving experience more convenient and secure.

How to Install MoboKey in Stick Shift or Manual Cars:

1. Prepare the Installation: Begin by opening the cover around the ignition switch of your car. Locate the wires for ACC, Power/On, and Starter.

2. Check Internal Wiring: Some cars may have built-in relays, while others may require external relays. If the internal wiring matches the Grip 4 wiring of the MoboKey device, no external relays are needed.

3. Wire Connections: Cut the wires at points 1, 2, and 3, and connect them to points 5, 6, and 7, respectively, on the MoboKey device.

4. Additional Precautions: For cars with thick internal wiring similar to the green wires with relays, avoid cutting the wiring at points 1, 2, 3, and 4. Follow the connection diagram provided.

5. Safety Feature: In manual transmission or stick shift cars, do not cut the wire at point 3. Connect the negative wire of the relay to the negative of the handbrake. This ensures that the car does not start unless the handbrake is engaged, adding an extra layer of safety. In case the car is in gear, the car will take a jerk and stops at the same instant. Read about Push Start: Click here!

With MoboKey installed in your stick shift or manual car, you can enjoy the convenience and security of keyless entry and ignition. Experience smoother rides and enhanced safety with MoboKey – the perfect companion for your manual driving adventures.

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