MoboKey car-sharing platform is the value for money for any rental car company. We have been providing better car-sharing services than other platforms available in the market. With an experienced team of engineers and sales, we have developed a solution that is the most affordable car-sharing service that appeals not only to small but also large rental car companies.

Why is MoboKey better than any car-sharing platform

Free of cost car sharing

Our car-sharing platform offers more than any other car-sharing platform in the market. With our device, you can use our car-sharing platform free for life. To learn more about our car-sharing platform visit: 

We have covered a wide range of things on our platform.  Some of the features are listed here:

  • List of all the available cars
  • Time allocation
  • Access level allocation
  • List of shared cars
  • Shared car location
  • Extend and reduce end time

Universal compatibility

With our device, we cater to all kinds of cars from turn-key start to push button cars. We have got you covered, this is why we claim that our devices are compatible with 90% of the cars in the market. From German, Japanese, American and other European manufacturers, our device proves to be compatible with all of the mentioned. Our engineers have worked a lot in understanding the electronics and wiring of the cars and developed a device that is compatible with the maximum number of cars available in the market.

No annual charges

What makes our device and platform so affordable is that we do not charge an annual fee. Unlike any other car-sharing company, we do not charge for any yearly fees. This is why it becomes the most affordable solution in the market. You can read more here:

This feature only makes sure that small car rental companies have a chance to grow their fleet without paying any extra charges.

Free app updates

Our technology team is updating the app with every new OS update so that you can use our app without any hassle. Our software team updates the application and makes sure that your app is bug-free. Similarly, we roll out new features with time. We always have your back.

Easiest user interface

With so many features, that MoboKey offers it is tough to provide a plain user interface. But our extremely talented design team has worked tirelessly to make sure that your app is simple with all the features you need on the main screen. We have put in an extra effort in making the user experience flawless. We have taken account of the owner’s side as well as the rentee side of the app.

Longest warranty coverage

Since we manufacture the hardware, we are also covering the warranty for our devices. We offer a 2-year warranty. None of the companies offer a 2-year warranty. Hence, making sure that the device is very robust and well-engineered.

White label solution

You can control your fleet with your app using Mobokey and Order a White label car-sharing solution. One of the advantages of working with us is that we provide white labeling solutions. With white labeling, you don’t need to use our name at all. We will help you develop a completely different app fulfilling your car-sharing needs. With our hardware, you can use your name. The device advertises your name.

Trusted Solution

Our solution has been tested and verified by multiple single and car-sharing companies. With more than 10,000 units deployed internationally, we are serving them round the clock.

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