Mobokey is one of the very few remote car starter available in the market that is compatible with more than 90% of the cars in the market. Not only this but it also allows proximity access to a car. It recognizes the phone and automatically connects with it. We make sure that our customers take the phone out of their pockets. Hence, making their lives easier and better. When you are in the locking zone it will unlock and start the car. Similarly, when you move away from the car, it will automatically lock and secure the car. These two features are the crown jewels of MoboKey namely; proximity lock/unlock and proximity start/stop.

After the news that Apple will be allowing its users to start their BMW cars with their iPhone. Apple’s car key is the keyword for the years 2020 and 2021. Remote car starters are available in the market for years but their sales have seen a spike after this news. It is very expensive to get Apple Car Key now. But with MoboKey, you can get a remote car starter in your vehicle now for no more than 300-400USD(including installation and bypass kit).

How to use MoboKey remote car starter?

MoboKey like any remote car starter gets installed in the existing wiring of your car and allows you to start your car remotely. You can lock/unlock, start/stop, and secure your car using a smartphone application. In order to use the MoboKey remote car starter just follow a simple set of instructions.

Buy the MoboKey remote car starter device

You can place the order CAM Pro in order to enjoy a remote car starter. CAM Pro is the only device that allows you to start the car remotely.

Get the device installed

You can get the device installed in your vehicle by any technician in your area. You can contact us for any support and call us on +1-512-591-8087 or email us at The installation instructions are available on our website: For push start and for key start

Setup application

Once you have the hardware in place, simply set up the application. You can download the MoboKey app, pair the device, enter the master, and viola. Here is the complete application user guide for your help.

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Get more info about MoboKey: An App which is your Smartphone Car Key

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