For a car-sharing company, it is important to understand the type of car-sharing company you want to build. Whether you want to follow a free-float model, station-based or you want to enable peer-to-peer. Whatever model you follow, MoboKey is a must when you are starting a car-sharing company.

Why is MoboKey a must for your car-sharing company

The most important thing is to identify the model of car-sharing you are going to follow.

List of cars and their locations

In any car-sharing model, it is necessary that you have a list of all your car and the parked location of all your vehicles. This might not be a case in the stationary model, but it is extremely necessary in the case of the other two. The question is how are you going to get the list and location of all your vehicles. This is where MoboKey comes in. MoboKey provides you the ability to see all your cars in an admin app. Once you have selected a specific car, you can see the location of the car.

Sharing the car

For any small or medium car-sharing company, manpower is a problem. You cannot be available 24/7 to share the car keys. This problem has one solution: MoboKey. MoboKey makes your life easier by allowing you to share your cars with a smartphone app. You don’t need to worry about losing your car keys. MoboKey has you covered, that is why MoboKey is a must for your car-sharing company.


We know that your car is an asset for you. And we are here to make sure that your car remains secure all the time. In case of any theft, MoboKey will enable security automatically. It will deactivate the starter in case of theft, and no one will be to start the car even if they have the keys.

Seamless access

We make sure that your customers have seamless access to your cars. Once you have shared the car with them, they can simply walk to the car, it will automatically unlock and start without any intervention of the car keys. Similarly, when they walk away, it will lock and shut down. This is why MoboKey is a must for your car-sharing company.

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