Mobokey allows the user to lock the car using smartphone! Generally, we have seen two type of locking systems in a car.  Single wire locking and Double wire locking systems. Here we will discuss Single wire locking systems.

Single wire locking system

Single wire locking system is used by some European car manufacturers. And these manufacturers include BMW and Mercedes, in some models only.

As the name suggest, this locking system comprises of one wire responsible for locking and unlocking of the car. 

Application Configuration

In the application, Double wire system is set by default.

Select Car Profile>Car Settings>Locking Mode from the side menu

Select Single Wire.

Once you have selected that, you will have to choose the feedback wire. You can either select Unlock or Lock.

After that you will lock and unlock for single wire system.

CAM Pro Lock/Unlock Installation

The power window module has a lock/unlock button. Usually, this button operates on negative trigger. You need to find those wires by using a multi-meter or a light tester.

To determine the wires, shift the multi-meter to voltage. Connect one end of the multi-meter to positive wire, and the other end to different connection points in the door module and press the lock button. The voltmeter would show a reading when the correct lock wire is determined. Press unlock button in the window module and voltmeter would show the reading again. This would be the single wire responsible for locking and unlocking.

The grip 3 with 8 pin connector of the Mobokey module is for lock/unlock and indicators. Connect (10&13) (Pink) to Ground and leave (12&15) (Grey) floating. Connect 14(Blue) to the traced wire.

Make sure to check the connections by locking and unlocking it from smartphone app. There are two possibilities of connecting the wires.

  1. By opening the door trim and connecting Mobokey wires directly to the wires coming out of the power window module grip.
  2. By tracing these wires back to the car column below dashboard on the door side and connecting wires there instead of opening the door trim. This method is highly recommended and is easier to implement in the long run.

Feedback wires

In the grip 2 with 4 pin connector of the Mobokey module is for the feedback wires. You will have to trace the wire and connect it to the door. If you find the feedback wire with a ground then connect it with 4(Ground Input) Blue-White or if you found 12 V feedback then connect it with 5(12 V Input) Green-White wire!

car lock smartphone CAM Basic and PlusCAM Plus/Basic Lock/Unlock Installation

Application will be configured just the same way since app is the same.

The wires for the lock wire (7) is blue and unlock wire (6) is green. While installing the device, for single wire, we will only use Blue wire i.e. lock.

Feedback wire

You will have to trace the wire for the door feedback. If you find the feedback wire with a ground then connect it with 9(Ground Input) Grey or if you found 12 V feedback then connect it with 8(12 V Input) Pink wire!

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