Mobokey is an app that puts the car key on your smartphone. Mobokey might not have been in the market for so long, but it has started to make a vast impact. It has been a practice for quite a long time to use keys or smart keys but we are seeing that people have been looking for this kind of device.

As we have seen a huge marketplace for our product, We are providing several features making sure that we cover all the aspects for our customers. With Mobokey, our clients are getting so much more than any service.


By access, you get control of the car. You can easily lock and unlock your car. You can also start and turn on the car whenever you want with the application. With Proximity, you don’t even have to press any buttons and the car will unlock and start automatically.


Sharing is one of the most used features by car-sharing and rental car companies. You can simply share the car with anyone. With sharing, our customer base has increased from single users to companies. For more info click here.


Security is the most important aspect. We make sure that your car is secure all the time. So, you don’t have to call any tracking company in case of an emergency. The car is secured as soon as it goes away from the range of your smartphone. Read more about Mobokey security here.

Our customers have a list of features to look forward to. From Access to Security and Sharing. They have used Mobokey for numerous reasons. Mobokey is enabling a single user to earn money as well.

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Get more info about MoboKey: Smartphone App for Car Key

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