With MoboKey’s Smart Start system, you do not have to carry your car keys anymore. You can go keyless and have your car key remote in your smartphone. No need to carry the car keys at all. You can have keyless entry with MoboKey Smart Solution.

With Mobokey, your life is easier and better. We have designed a system that makes sure that extra weight has been removed from your pockets.

Keyless Entry System with Mobokey Smart Start

Mobokey enables the users to remotely lock, unlock the car without having the keys at all. With our advanced system, we allow you to incorporate a smart start system! We have designed this system keeping in mind the concept of the keyless future. We are providing a keyless experience and making sure that our customers understand how much of a hassle is carrying the keys.

  • Lock/Unlock
    • A single tap on your app and you can lock and unlock your car.
  • Start/Stop your car
    • One tap to activate accessories
    • One more to turn on the car
    • Long press to start the car
  • Auto-Lock/Unlock
    • The car automatically locks when the user is away
    • And unlocks when the user comes near.
  • Auto Start/Stop
    • The car automatically stops when the user is away
    • And starts when the user is near

Key Start and Push Start Cars

Cars that start by inserting a Key in the Keyhole are known as key start cars. With our system, one can start the car from a remote distance and for convenience to the driver, the car will automatically start as you the driver approaches the car without taking out the smartphone. Push Start Cars come with a smart key that is activated by our smartphone application when the phone comes in the vicinity of the car. Smart Key is kept inside the car and once the car phone is out of range, the smart key automatically deactivates rendering itself useless. We make sure that any car can have MoboKey’s Smart Start Keyless system.

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We are providing your keyless entry for your car on your smartphone app. MoboKey makes sure that your life is easier and you don’t have to worry about forgetting the car keys in your car or misplacing them somewhere in your home. Since everything is on your smartphone why do we still need to carry the car keys when your keys can be on a smartphone? The best part is that MoboKey makes sure that you have a backup key at all times.

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