Mobokey uses the internet for car sharing. As we have explained before that Mobokey uses servers on the back end to store data. That data includes Start and End time, Access level, Time Duration, and Key information. Internet is a key requirement while sharing a using the Mobokey app.

It is a requirement for the owner to share the car but necessary for the renter. To understand how Mobokey sharing works, please go through Mobokey Peer-to-Peer car sharing.

Owner side:

The app sends the data to the server which stores the user profile, car settings, car list, location, and digital keys. The digital key, access level, time duration, and the location is available on the servers. So when you share the car. That information is shared over the server with the person the car is shared with.

In the case of no internet, the owner is the only one who is able to connect the car.

The sharing capacity is also limited in case of no internet.

The owner is also not able to see the updated location of the car as well.

car sharing single user

Renter side:

The renter capabilities are basically reduced to zero in case of no internet. The renter has to be connected to the internet at all times if they want to keep access to the car. One reason is security and the other one is time.

Since the location is updated at regular intervals when it comes to renting. The app automatically updates the location every minute on the server. Secondly, the limit is also checked after every 10 minutes. If the device does not receive an update on the remaining time, it secures the car. The engine is deactivated within 10-15 minutes of internet unavailability.

In order to connect to the car, it is mandatory for the renter to stay connected with the internet all the time. In case of no internet connection, it is up to the owner to give out a message token to the renter. That allows the user to connect the car once, it expires after one connection and the owner will have to generate another token to grant access to the renter, for the second time. This is to maintain the car security.

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So, Mobokey uses the internet for car sharing.