Why do you have to pay for recurring charges when we are providing access, security, and sharing of cars using Bluetooth Smart. Just pay once and that’s all. We are not a fan of collecting recurring payments. Not only this but we provide a 2-year warranty for our devices as well.

Access, Security, and Sharing


With Mobokey, you have remote car access via a smartphone app. We install a device in the car that connects with a smartphone using Bluetooth smart. Hence enabling, remote car access via the MoboKey app.


Vehicle security has always been a damning issue over the years and the car manufacturers have failed to provide a genuine vehicle security solution. This is the reason we offer the Mobokey car auto security feature, which makes sure that your car is secure even when you are not around.


Mobokey is the world’s first Bluetooth based car-sharing platform. The peer to peer car sharing via a platform is not just a trend but it is here to stay. And we are enabling car sharing with our smartphone app.

Free for life access, security, and sharing

The use of Bluetooth has more advantages than using any other way of communication.

One of the best benefits of using Bluetooth is that it does not burden the fleet owners to pay data charges.

It is more secure and less vulnerable than any online way of communication.

Other car-sharing companies that followed the trend have switched or are switching to Bluetooth.

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