Mobokey is your car key remote in the Smartphone app. Mobokey enables you to control their cars with your smartphone app. With Mobokey, you do not need to carry your car keys anywhere, because your car keys are in your smartphone! MoboKey makes sure that you don’t have to worry about your car keys anymore.

We are providing your car keys on your smartphone. Hence removing the excess weight of your car keys from your pockets. This makes sure that your life is easier and you don’t have to worry about forgetting the car keys in your car or misplacing them somewhere in your home. Since everything is on your smartphone why do we still need to carry the car keys when your keys can be on a smartphone? The best part is that MoboKey makes sure that you have a backup key at all times.

How can your Car Key Remote be in your Smartphone?

It is very simple. With our Mobokey device!

Our devices have been designed to make sure that whichever car you drive, we can give you remote access to your car. Mobokey CAM Pro is top of a line product that makes sure that you have complete access. You can

  • Lock/Unlock your car
    • A single tap on your app and you can lock and unlock your car.
  • Start/Stop your car
    • One tap to activate accessories
    • One more to turn on the car
    • Long press to start the car
  • Secure your car
    • Manual Security can be enabled if the user wants
    • Auto Security is enabled as soon as the user is out of the connection
  • Auto-Lock/Unlock
    • The car automatically locks when the user is away
    • And unlocks when the user comes near.
  • Auto Start/Stop
    • The car automatically stops when the user is away
    • And starts when the user comes near.
  • Check last parked location
    • In large parking spaces, the user can easily check where they parked their car.
  • And most importantly SHARE the car
    • With this feature, the user can share the car with whom they want.

All of this using one app! Get your car connected now!

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