Have you ever locked your keys in your car? Have you lost your car keys? If so then MoboKey has a solution for you. One of the key features that have been attracting a lot of customers is the remote unlock feature of using the Mobokey app. Using the MoboKey app, you can perform multiple functions, and unlocking your car door is one of them.

The most important part of remote access is to lock and unlock your car. You can now easily lock and unlock your cars with a simple app. With MoboKey’s keyless entry solution, you don’t even have to pick your phone out of your pocket. Hence, making their lives easier and better.

What else can your MoboKey app do?

With Mobokey, we are providing the users with all the ease that we can. We allow the users to

  • Lock/Unlock the car
  • Start/Stop the car
  • Auto-Lock/Unlock
  • Auto Start/Stop
  • Turn On/Off the car
  • Turn On/Off the Accessory
  • Unlock & Start your car with an Apple Smart watch

None of the remote access car apps are not providing that many features. All of the above use only one hardware and application. i.e. Mobokey. With our device and app, our customers have access to their cars in one platform. The working of the app is not just limited to remote access. We are also providing car-sharing and security of the cars.

The best part with our Mobokey device is that is compatible with 90% of the cars in the market. Whether the car is a push-starting or key-start car. Whether the car has single-wire door locking or a double-wire door locking system. We have made sure that our device is compatible with all of them. The remote access car app is not very easily compatible with that many cars.

Remote access is very useful when it comes to car sharing. As with our platform, the owner has to provide access to the car and they can easily access using their app. Cars are becoming a shared asset and we are here to make sure that this transition is easy and worth making.

Get your car connected now!