Mobokey is compatible with more than 90% of the cars in the market right now including manual or stick shift cars! We have installed almost all the cars in the market. We have installed the device in over 10,000 cars and growing. From German, Japanese, American, and other European manufacturers, our device proves to be compatible with all of the mentioned. To answer the question, in the title, Yes, MoboKey can be installed in your stick shift or a manual car.

Our device is compatible with 99% of the cars in the market. Which means that our device is compatible with all kinds of cars. From Key Start to Push Start. From Manual/Stick Shift to Auto cars.

How to install MoboKey in a Stick Shift or Manual carscompatible manual cars


First, open up the cover around the ignition switch. Take out the wires of ACC, Power/On, and Starter. Some cars have built-in relays while others need to attach external relays.

If the internal wiring is of the similar in with to the Grip 4 wiring of the MoboKey device, then no external relays are needed. Cut the wires at the points 1,2,3 and connect them to the points 5,6,7 respectively.

If the internal wiring is thick and similar to the green wires with the relays, then don’t cut the wiring at 1,2,3,4 and connect as shown in the diagram.

If the car has a manual transmission or stick shift, don’t cut the wire at point 3 in any case and make sure to connect the negative wire of the relay to the negative of handbrake.

This connection makes sure that the car does not start when the hand brake is not pulled. This safety feature makes sure that in case the car is in gear and the hand brake is not pulled, it will not start at all.

In case the car is in gear and is in gear, the car takes a jerk and stops at the same instant. Read more about Smart Key: Click here!

Therefore, we say that Mobokey is compatible with manual cars.

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