With Mobokey, the rental fleet owners can maximize their profit as there’s no recurring fee for the device. The owners can manage the fleet, track their movement with their smartphone app saving time for owners. 

Car access, security, and sharing with Bluetooth

The use of Bluetooth has more advantages than using any other way of communication. One of the best benefits of using Bluetooth is that it does not burden the fleet owners to pay data charges. It is more secure and less vulnerable than any online way of communication. Other car-sharing companies that followed the trend have switched to Bluetooth. Even in the no internet zones, our device stays connected with the Bluetooth smart making sure you’ve access to your car. Read more here

No recurring fee

Why do you have to pay for recurring charges when we are providing access, security, and sharing of cars using Bluetooth Smart. Just pay once and that’s all. Not only this but we provide a 2-year warranty for our devices as well.

Car Sharing increase profits for rental fleets

One of the features that MoboKey provides is the sharing of cars. Our car rental companies have been using this feature to share their cars while staying at home. MoboKey provides access, security, and sharing, making sure that your car rental company operates even when you are not around in the office.

Our clients have helped out people who are in distress and needed a car to reach their homes. With our platform, the car can be shared. Access can be given for a specified amount of time.

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