Car Sharing is a potential lever for change in sustainable mobility transitions. Car Sharing is the future for the sustainable healthy environment of the automobile sector. We at MoboKey are pursuing car sharing for a suitable environment for generations to come

Car Sharing: The future for a sustainable environment

With cars and trucks collectively accounting for over one-fifth of all US emissions (and on the rise). There is no denying that we will need to change our transportation habits. At MoboKey, we provide a shared mobility platform with environmental awareness at the center of our innovation.

Did you know you do not use your car 96% of the time? So, why are you investing in a product that you are using only 4% of the time?

For instance, the trend of people who claim to share a car to go to work is increasing exponentially, 17% in 2018, compared to 5% in 2017. More than 80% drives their private car daily, but it is a decreasing number since last year when it was 95%. Car sharing seems to move forward steadily in our society.

This is why we are pushing the trend of car sharing ahead. To make sure that you do not have to pay for a lease of $20,000 for 10 years. Rather than rent a car for a few hours for only $50-$55. In this feat, you will not only help yourself but also help the planet by reducing emissions. Therefore making Car Sharing, The future for a sustainable environment.

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