In terms of electrical component safety, we are always looking for securing the equipment in your vehicle. We have made sure that your car is safe when our device is being installed. This is why we have spent hours to make sure that the device you have meets all the electrical safety standards.

What electrical safety equipment is being used by Mobokey?

Internal Relays

We are using internal relays for device protection. These relays only allow a certain amount of current to pass through the device making sure that your vehicle’s wiring is safe.

External Relays

The external relays are used for older cars, which do not have relays internally. To make sure that no surplus current passes through the car, we use 12V automotive relays. These relays make sure that the internal wiring of your car is secure. Not only this but these relays come with an additional surge protection diode. These diodes are very important for the protection of the device.


One of the integral parts of Mobokey wiring is the fuse. There is a 15A fuse in the main power source of the wiring. This fuse controls the current flowing through the device making sure that the device is safe from any external power surges.

Why is fuse so important?

Fuse is one of the most important part of the wiring. As this can be a savior in case of an emergency.

For Key Start Cars:

In the case of the device malfunctioning, you can simply remove the fuse and the car will come back to normal while using the Mobokey in a key start car.

Key start cars have a security relay and in case of auto security, this relay activates which usually happens in case of the device malfunctioning. Removing the fuse deactivates the security relay and the car will start with the help of the key.

For Push Start Cars:

In the case of push-starting cars, please follow the stated steps:

  • Remove the fuse
  • If the device malfunctions, the push start button has to be removed and
  • Rewire the push start button to enable button.

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