No matter how cool your car keys look, keyless entry and remote starters are the future. Imagine being able to lock, unlock, start, stop, and secure your car with a smartphone app without any hassle of carrying car keys along. The highlight of the last WWDC was Apple CarKey, where the smartphone is going to replace the car keys completely. 

Remote access to cars is the future of the automotive industry. Leading car companies like Tesla are now providing remote car access. Other companies have also followed the trend as well. Their system allows the users to lock/unlock, start/stop, and share their car with a smartphone app. There are multiple remote starters available in the market but there are a few that stand out. One of them is MoboKey.

Smartphone to replace the car keys

Mobokey is redefining car access by allowing remote lock and unlock. Not only locking but you can start your car with a smartphone app as well. The most important part of remote access is undoubtedly unlocking the car, this is why we make sure that you are able to lock and unlock their cars with great ease. Similarly, with the remote start, you can start and stop your car from as far as 100 meters.

Why use a Bluetooth based device

The MoboKey carsharing system is designed to benefit not only single users but also rental car companies and fleet owners. Using Bluetooth has more advantages than using any other way of communication. One of the most useful benefits of using Bluetooth is that it does not burden the fleet owners or individual users to pay data charges. It makes carsharing easier than it was ever before. Here is a short clip for you.

The unique selling point of MoboKey’s remote access

Along with access and carsharing, MoboKey provides proximity controls for your car. It is making sure that the device recognizes your phone.

Proximity lock/unlock

Proximity lock unlock is a feature in which the car locks & unlocks depending upon the distance between the car and phone. One of the best features of MoboKey in the car is proximity lock and unlock. Using this feature, our users do not need to tap on any button on the phone to lock/unlock the car! This feature gives the users an easy way to access the car. We are making sure that the user does not have to press any keys at all.

Proximity start/stop

With the Mobokey app, you can set proximity start and stop ranges. Using Proximity, Mobokey allows the user to remove the hassle of carrying car keys. With proximity, Start/Stop proximity, or Smart key activation(For Push Start). Mobokey enables the user to easily access, secure, and share the car. Proximity works differently for Turn-Key Start and Push Start.

Free unlimited car sharing

We allow the users to have unlimited car keys to share. Hence enabling car sharing for their fleet with no extra charges. 


MoboKey makes sure that your car is secured all the time. Whenever you move away from your car, the security system will automatically be activated. It deactivates when you come near it! How cool is that?

You can read more here about car sharing and auto security on our blog. 

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