One of the features that MoboKey provides is the sharing of cars. Our car rental companies have been using this feature to share their cars while staying at home. MoboKey provides access, security, and sharing, making sure that your car rental company operates even when you are not around in the office.

Our clients have helped out people who are in distress and need a car to reach their homes. With our platform, the car can be shared. Access can be given for a specified amount of time.

Share your car from anywhere!

Our car-sharing platform offers more than any other car-sharing platform in the market, with our device, you can use our car-sharing platform free for life. To learn more about our car-sharing platform visit: 

We have covered a wide range of things on our platform.  Some of the features are listed here:

  • List of all the available cars
  • Time allocation
  • Access level allocation
  • List of shared cars
  • Shared car location
  • Extend and reduce end time

Access your car with MoboKey app

We have made access so easy for our customers and their clients. An issue that occurs while renting a car is the sharing of keys. We realized the potential of this problem early on and tried to provide a solution to cater to the problem of key sharing within our product. Peer-to-peer car sharing coupled with our solution is enabling single users and rental car companies to generate extra revenue without going through the hassle of getting the keys copied.

When we are talking about the economics of peer-to-peer car sharing, there are certain costs that the owner has to bear, including the cost of technology. The technology cost initially might have been $500-$700 but with our device, it is down $150. And in that price, we are offering a complete sharing platform from access to setting a time and even the access level.

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