MoboKey is a remote starter that allows you remote access via a smartphone app. It allows you to start, stop, lock, unlock and control your vehicle using the MoboKey app. MoboKey smart start lets you remote start, lock, and unlock your car with the push of a button on your smartphone.

The easy-to-use graphical interface gives you control over the following features of remote start or security:

  •  Lock / Arm
  •  Unlock / Disarm
  •  Remote Car Starter
  •  Trunk Release
  • Security
  • Access multiple vehicles
  • Share the virtual keys
  • Parked location

and so much more with the MoboKey remote starter app.

MoboKey for personal use:


We like to make sure that your car is secured all the time. This is why we have added security for your asset. Once you move away from your car, it will be secured. The car can only be used, if the smartphone is inside it.

Multiple keys:

Our app allows a single user and their family to access their car without worrying about the keys. MoboKey virtual keys are one of the sought features. With MoboKey, you always have a spare key inside your smartphone.

MoboKey for commercial use:

Car Sharing:

With MoboKey’s car-sharing platform, the remote starter feature has become more relevant as the keys have become a redundancy. We make sure that you don’t need to use your car keys. We allow the fleet owners to share their cars for a limited amount of time and access level. This is why it is used by many car rental companies and Turo hosts.


MoboKey access allows you to lock, unlock, start and stop the vehicle with an app. Our hardware is compatible with 95% of cars in the market which makes it one of the most practical solutions available in the market.


Our device is also compatible with motorcycles and mopeds, hence relevant for micromobility. Our device can start self-start bikes and mopeds.

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