Mobokey is a perfect solution for fleet owners as allows you to access multiple cars from one smartphone app. You don’t need to carry multiple keys for different cars. Just use your smartphone to access all the cars in your home or your fleet. With Mobokey, you always have a back up in your smartphone. These feature has made Mobokey a useful tool for fleet owners. The fleet owners, who used to share the physical car keys, now can share the car without the hassle of meeting their client in person.

Access multiple cars from one app

On Mobokey’s dashboard, you can simply add and view all the cars owned by you in the fleet. Not only this, but you can also view the location of the shared cars because of the location which updates after every minute. Mobokey’s user dashboard, allows you to look at the car’s current state i.e. whether the car is shared or not.

Share multiple cars from one app

On Mobokey’s dashboard, you can also share the car from wherever you want so you can simply set the time and access level for each car. You can change the ending time remotely and all of this is done by using Mobokey. We know that sharing a car is very important. Fleet owners can simply share the cars from one dashboard.

We have discussed this in detail here. As you don’t need a GSM to control your car.

When we talk about sharing, we have made sure that car sharing is made easier than ever before.

We are making sure that our platform has everything that a car-sharing company would need. This is why we track car location in sharing.

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