OmniFob by Keyport enables you to control your MoboKey enabled car with the simple click of a button on the ultimate smart key fob. About the size of your index finger, OmniFob will be able to control multiple vehicles so long as each has a MoboKey installed.

OmniFob is not just for vehicles. OmniFob is a single remote for all your smart home and personal security needs too. It even includes a built-in Bluetooth locator powered by Chipolo so you never lose it. A part of the Keyport modular everyday carry system, OmniFob is compatible with the Anywhere Pocket Clip™ (comes standard), the Keyport Pivot™, and the Keyport Slide™.

With Mobokey and OmniFob together you can have the best of both worlds – smartphone and smart everyday carry.

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With OmniFob & MoboKey

• Turn your old car or new car into a connected car in which certain functions like remote start, lock/unlock, etc. can be controlled by your smartphone and OmniFob
• Replace your remotes and control multiple vehicles with a single fob (with MoboKey installed in each vehicle)
• Control all your smart home devices and vehicles with one remote, without searching for multiple apps on your phone
• View your car’s last parked location from the MoboKey app
• Share a virtual key and car’s parked location with anyone from the MoboKey app

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