Mobokey is one step ahead of Apple’s car key. With Apple’s car key only applicable for BMW Series currently, we have been providing the keyless solution for  95% of the cars available in the market. 

There are a few ways where MoboKey is better than Apple’s car key. Some are listed here.


Apple’s car key feature will only be available in the 2021 BMW 5 series. Moreover, it is only available for iPhone users with U1 chips. It is basically a stunt to drive the sales up for iPhone and BMW. We at MoboKey caters to 95% of the cars and the remaining 5% included BMW 5 series too.


As mentioned before, this feature will only be available after Car Connectivity Consortium’s Digital Key Release 2.0 and in the 2021 BMW 5 series with Apple devices having U1 chip. On the contrary, MoboKey is available for both iPhone and Android users you to install in your car. Place your order now.


Android users comprise of almost 42% of the total market share in the US and almost 70% in the rest of the world. MoboKey can cater to all of them while Apple’s car key has limited itself to BMW.


The price range for our devices is from $75 to $150 with free delivery all over the world. With our device and app, our customers have access to their car in one platform. The working of the app is not just limited to remote access only. We are also providing car-sharing and security of the cars.

This is we say MoboKey is better than Apple’s car key.

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