One of the major concern while developing a car-sharing platform are the features and how they will be used. We talk to numerous clients who want to use the same feature differently. Any car-sharing platform offers a variety of features. Starting from the booking of cars to accessing the car and payment collection.

What features should you look for in a car-sharing platform?

MoboKey is one of the car-sharing platforms that allows the owners to not only provide remote access to the customers but also gives the location of the customers. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Booking of cars

As the owner of a fleet, you should be able to book the cars for your customers. The owner only needs the email address of the customer to book a car.

Time and access level

The owner should be able to set the time and access level for their customers. While sharing a car, MoboKey makes sure that the owner can set both.

Locate the cars

The owner should be able to locate the shared cars. In the case of MoboKey, we provide location using the GPS of the customers.

 Remote access for the customer

The owner must be able to provide remote access to the customer. MoboKey makes sure that the owner can set provide remote access for the customer.

Limited access

MoboKey also provides a variety of devices depending upon the needs of the users.

Additional features

  • Payment tools integration
  • Auto-assignment of the car to the drivers
  • Realtime locations
  • GSM based control

are also the features that are required by the companies. MoboKey does entertain these features but the hardware and application cost varies.

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