Here we are discussing two of the core Mobokey features, car-sharing, and auto security. These are the two features that complete our car-sharing platform. This is why small and medium companies like to integrate our car-sharing platform.

How does auto security work in car-sharing?

Once the car is shared, the owner sets a time during which the rentee can access the car. This gives the owner an advantage as before Mobokey, the owner had no way to secure the car. Once the time is over the Auto Security of the Mobokey device activates, making sure that the rentee has no car access after the time of share is over.

The anti-snatch mode activates once the end time is confirmed from the server.

Anti-Snatch Mode

Anti-Snatch mode is always active once the car is shared. Once the connection between the car and phone ends, this feature activates. The device activates the security protocol. The driver is given 10-15 min seconds to get access from the owner car otherwise the car stops depending upon the installation of the security relay.

Mobokey app allows the user to secure the car using a smartphone. With our features like Anti-snatch and Anti-theft mode, the car is secure all the time. It also allows the owner to see where the car is all the time as the location of the driver is updated after 1min using the driver’s phone.

All of this just by using our dedicated hardware and app-based car-sharing platform using Bluetooth Smart technology.

We are solving two major issues of a car-sharing company.

  • Allowing the owner to remotely grant access to the user without the hassle of keys.
  • Securing the car for the owner automatically.

You can read more here about car sharing and auto security on our blog.

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